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Gloomwood Guide, Walkthrough by

Gloomwood Guide, Walkthrough

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Gloomwood: Difficulty levels - list, modifiers Gloomwood guide, walkthrough

In Gloomwood you can customize the gameplay by choosing the difficulty level. On this page of the guide, we explain how you can change the challenge level and whether game difficulty modifiers are available.

Last update: Thursday, September 15, 2022

Gloomwood can prove to be a quite difficult game for people without much experience with the immersive sim genre. This page of the guide explains the available difficulty levels. Moreover, we inform you about additional modifiers that you can apply to customize the challenge.

Our description of the difficulty levels is based on the Early Access version of Gloomwood . This means it is dedicated to version 0.1.214, which debuted in early access in September 6, 2022. The game is to receive modifiers and missing difficulty levels in further versions.

The main difficulty level

Gloomwood will ultimately offer 4 levels of difficulty - Crescent, Half Moon, Full Moon and Blood Moon - Gloomwood: Difficulty levels - list, modifiers - Basics - Gloomwood Guide, Walkthrough

Gloomwood will ultimately offer 4 levels of difficulty - Crescent, Half Moon, Full Moon and Blood Moon. Unfortunately , only the 2 middle tiers are available in the Early Access version (September '22) . The other two are to be added in the future.

Half Moon is the normal difficulty level . It is a good choice for people that don't have much experience with this genre but also do not want an excessively easy game. At this level:

  1. items are in normal quantities;
  2. there is a default number of enemies;
  3. enemies deal default damage;
  4. saving the game is only possible at phonographs.

Full Moon is equivalent to a high level of difficulty . It is a good choice if you have experience with similar productions, and you want to make eliminating or avoiding enemies more demanding. At this level:

  1. Less items appear - This means, first of all, less ammunition for weapons, but also less healing items. As a result, you need to conserve ammunition or use it only on enemies that are hard to avoid (e.g. dogs).
  2. More enemies appear - This may hinder your progress or efforts to explore the locations in search of loot.
  3. Opponents deal more damage - this may be a motivation to stay hidden and rely on stealth attacks. You should also always have a few healing items in stock so that you don't suddenly find yourself on the brink of death without the ability to recuperate.
  4. saving the game is only possible at phonographs.

Difficulty modifiers

The early access version does not offer gameplay modifiers, although they are planned. There is a good chance that they will appear with one of the updates before the premiere of the final version of Gloomwood . We can speculate that they will allow better adjustment of the game to your preferences, for example in areas such as the perceptiveness of enemies or the amount of health or stamina of the main character.

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