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Upgrading skills Ghost Recon: Wildlands Guide

When developing their character, the player can decide which skills are more and which less important. The game features six skill trees. Four of them apply to your character - weapon, drone, item, and physical skills. One tree focuses on your squad; the last one is for the rebels that may support Ghost Recon during their field operations.


Stable Aim

Heavy sniper rifles sway when aiming. Stable aim skill reduces the effect. It's relevant, because often a missed shot equals being detected and failing the mission.

Hip Fire Spread

This skill reduces bullet spread when firing without aiming. It can be useful in case of an unexpected encounter at short range.

Grenade Launcher

The GL is mounted under the barrel of your gun and fires frag grenades. It's a much faster method of delivering grenades than throwing them by hand. Having picked the skill, you'll need to equip the launcher in the weapon accessory menu.

Ammo Capacity

Increases the amount of ammo you can carry. This does not affect the number of bullets in your magazine. Rarely useful, as there are ammo crates available in almost every location.

VHC Destruction

The skill increases your damage to vehicles. May come in handy when taking down convoys.

ADV Suppressor

The default suppressor reduces noise and weapon damage. Thanks to this skill, you can keep the damage.

Time to Aim

Reduces the time needed to aim weapons with big scopes.

Ammo Retention

Respawing refills all of your ammo.


Battery Increase

Increases the power reserves of your drone. You should invest in it early on, as the basic drone battery is laughably weak.

Night Vision

Significantly helps operating your drone under low light conditions.


Increases drone's signal range. Same as battery, the default signal range is very weak and needs to be upgraded to be useful.


Increases the speed and mobility of the drone.

Mark Area

Enables your drone to spot targets at longer range and mark them for sync shots.


Reduces the noise generated by the drone, making it harder to detect.


Reduces the time it takes for you to use the drone after using a payload option. This skill should be developed after you've invested in Battery upgrades.


The drone can generate noise to distract enemies. This will help you in missions where, for example, you'll need to capture a helicopter. You can also avoid shooting some enemies that can be simply distracted.


Increases the maximum camera zoom in your drone.


Equips your drone with a large remotely detonated explosive charge. You can blow up the drone to destroy a target without risk.


Equips your drone with an EMP charge, which can disable nearby enemy vehicles and electronics. Particularly useful when attacking well-protected training camps.


Increases the amount of damage your drone can take.

Thermal Vision

Enables your drone to use thermal vision, making it easier to find enemies under all conditions.



Enables you to safely land after jumping out of an aircraft. Useful when the helicopter is attacked by Unidad forces.

Binocular Zoom

Increases the maximum zoom of your binoculars


A booby-trap explosive charge, damaging infantry and vehicles. A well placed mine will help you defend a location or a building.

Diversion Lure

Allows you to attract enemies to a given location. Useful when there's too many enemies in one place to eliminate them all with a sync shot.

Frag Granade

Enables you to use frag grenades, each rank increases the amount of grenades you can carry.


A remotely detonated explosive charge, each rank increases the amount of C4 you can carry.

Binocular Recon

Increases the ability to identify targets when using binoculars, enabling you to mark them for sync shots.

Thermal Vision

Enables you to use thermal vision, making it easier to find enemies under all conditions.

Flashbang Grenade

Flashbangs can confuse groups of enemies, for example when you're storming a building.

Flare Gun

The flare gun can attract enemies to a specific location.



Increases the length of time you can sprint

No Pain

Increases the duration of damage resistance when you are revived. Very useful, as the AI often revives you in very dangerous positions.

Car Shield

The ground vehicles you're using take less weapon damage.

Quiet Running

Reduces the sound of your running, enabling you to safely run instead of sneaking on many occasions.

Bullet Resistance

Reduces the amount of damage received from bullets. It's the most important physical skill.


Makes it harder for enemies to spot you when crouched or in a prone position

Explosion Resistance

Reduces the amount of damage received from all explosions. Second only to Bullet Resistance, when it comes to skill importance.

Aircraft Shield

Aircraft you pilot take less damage from weapons.


Revive Speed

Increases the speed of teammate revival. Useful, as each second, especially during revival, is crucial on the battlefield.

Extra Sync Shot

Increases the number of sync shot targets. This skill should be developed first, as it simplifies all missions.

Trained Rebels

Rebel fighters become more effective (both freed rebels and rebels wandering around).

Squad Resilence

AI teammates become more resistant to bullet damage.

Bleed Out Time

Increases the amount of time you have before dying while waiting to be revived by an ally.

Born Leader

AI teammates become more efficient.

Rebel support

Vehicle Drop-Off

This skill enables you to call Rebel forces to drop a vehicle in the area. Rank 1 request an SUV, Rank 2 request an Armored vehicle, and Rank 3 request a helicopter.

Guns for Hire

Calls in a group of Rebel fighter to temporarily fight alongside you. Higher ranks increase the number of Rebels.


Enables you to call in a mortar strike on a given area.


Target a position for Rebels to be a diversion against enemies. They will attack from the other direction, making your job easier.


Requests the marking of enemies within a given area nearby. Higher ranks increase the size of the spotting area.

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