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Introduction | Trophy Guide Get Even Guide

The trophy guide has information on how to get all trophies in Get Even. The guide is divided into several parts. The first part is a general walkthrough for all trophies. There, you can find information about things such as difficulty level for getting trophies, how many times do you have to complete the game to get them or rules for replaying levels in order to get a given achievement. The second part is the list of all trophies. Each achievement has its description that informs you about the requirements and how to get it in an easiest way. The last, third, part of this guide has pages dedicated to the most complex achievements, that is those that require you to complete a set of specific steps in order to unlock them. In the descriptions of many trophies you can find high-resolution pictures with marked actions that must be completed or important places to visit.

Get Even is a game created by a Polish studio called The Farm 51. This title combines elements of exploration and action game where you can fight with enemies directly. One of the game's strong points is the intriguing story. In Get Even you play as detective Cole Black who wakes up in psychiatric hospital, suffering from some memory losses. The main character, under supervision of mysterious Red, starts using a special VR goggles that allow him to relieve memories again. Black thinks that this will help him in escaping from the hospital, get the missing pieces and learn what have happened.

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General information about the trophies in Get Even

The indicative difficulty level for the trophies - 3-4/10 - More or less half of Get Even trophies can be acquired without any effort, you only need to carefully explore the areas and complete the storyline. The trophies from the second group are more problematic which can be caused by various factors. The most difficult trophies are those that require you to find all tracks connected with Black's memories. In some locations (especially in buildings B and C of the psychiatric hospital) you can find many tracks which means that it is easy to miss some of them. The game gives you hints on which secrets you have missed but it won't inform you about their exact location nor how do they look like. Another problematic trophies are those that require you to make certain decisions. Most of the times their descriptions are minimal and you get them later, that is when the hero witnesses consequences of his actions. The last group of the more difficult trophies is connected with being stealthy (mainly Non Omnis Moriar, an achievement rewarded for completing the whole game through stealth and avoiding unnecessary killing). Here, it all comes down to planning a perfect path. Warning - The game is rather short and it allows you to replay levels which definitely lowers the difficulty of getting trophies.

Expected playtime (100% playthrough) - around 15 hours. The main story should take around 7-8 hours on the first try (more if you've chosen a stealth approach), while the mission to gather all remaining trophies will take a similar amount of time, especially if you've skipped some of them during your playthrough.

Number of trophies - 41 (PS4 version) - There are 28 bronze trophies, 8 silver trophies, 4 gold trophies and 1 platinum trophy.

Offline trophies - 41 - You get all trophies in the single player mode.

Online trophies - 0 - Get Even doesn't have a multiplayer mode.

Does the difficulty level affect your ability to gain trophies? - No. If your main goal is to get trophies, choose the lowest difficulty level ("Gentle"). It will help you get past opponents during a stealth playthrough, as there is a set of dedicated trophies that are a reward for this play style.

Option to replay levels - Available - Each memory that belongs either to Black or Red can be replayed again at any moment of the game - there are special rooms where you can select the completed memories (the room with evidence boards in Black's mind and Ramsey's basement).

Required minimal number of playthroughs - One + replaying levels - After completing the game you can use the option, mentioned above, to replay the levels in order to get those trophies that you don't have in your collection.

How to get all trophies in Get Even

Step 1 - Stealth playthroughs of all flashbacks

Getting access to and getting past all flashbacks is a first major part of the game. During their course, focus on staying undetected and avoid unnecessary kills (except mandatory ones) as this playstyle enables you to acquire a major achievement (Non Omnis Moriar, received at the end of the game) and other trophies that are awarded thanks to a stealth playthrough. Aside from stealth, focus on your attention on evidence and engage in optional interactions with the encountered patients - these actions are also a subject of a number of other, less prominent, achievements which nevertheless still count towards the overall tally.

Note - If you've chosen a more casual and/or aggressive approach for your first playthrough in order to discover all evidence without too much hassle, you may simply ignore the stealth trophies and make an attempt to score them during the further playthroughs.

Step 2 - Stealth playthroughs of Red's flashbacks

Red's flashbacks begin automatically after the final Black scene. The rules stay the same - stay undetected and avoid unnecessary kills. Aside from the above, you'll have the opportunity to unlock a number of Red-oriented trophies.

Warning - After taking control over Red you can still access Black's missions. If you want to complete any of his memories then you can choose in the game's main menu the option that allows you to continue playing as Black.

Step 3 - Find all tracks in Black's memories

You don't have to do this step only after you complete the game but this is a good way to do it. In the room in Black's mind you can find boards with collected evidence in each level. Try to visit all locations and find 100% of interactive tracks. For "clearing" all evidence in each location you get one trophy per level.

Step 4 - Find all hidden memories

Hidden memories can only be accessed in a level in which you found 100% of evidence. After that you get a four-digit code that can be entered in an electronic lock that blocks access to a secret room in a given memory. This allows you to get two trophies - for finding first hidden memory and finding all hidden memories.

Step 5 - Getting the rest of the trophies

Leave all trophies that you haven't already unlocked for last. They are mainly trophies connected with combat, sneaking and making various decisions. The most important choices are made in the psychiatric hospital when you play as Black. You can, e.g. help a patient escape or scan a person that, as a result of your decisions, didn't die prematurely.

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