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Genshin Impact: Thoma - best builds (Pyro) Genshin Impact guide, tips

On this page of the Genshin Impact guide you will learn about Thoma, the best builds for him and what he is best suited for.

Last update: Thursday, May 19, 2022

On this page of the guide to Genshin Impact, you will learn all about Thoma, a character with a Pyro element - what he is best suited for, how to build him best, and in which team he will have the greatest potential to perform his role.

General information

Thoma is a four-star character who fights using Polearms - Genshin Impact: Thoma - best builds (Pyro) - Pyro - Genshin Impact Guide

Thoma is a four-star character who fights using Polearms. Thoma is best known as a Support who assists others with his shields that scale with his HP, but he can also be a Sub DPS. Unfortunately, his scaling with DMG is not that high, so he cannot become a Main DPS.

You should focus on stats like HP and Energy Recharge if you want to build him as a Support, and in the case of Sub DPS, focus on ATK, Pyro DMG and CRIT DMG.

Best compositions

  1. Support - Hu Tao/Thoma/Kazuha/Xingqiu
  2. Sub DPS - Hu Tao/Thoma/Jean/Xingqiu

Pyro Support Build

In the case of building Thoma as a Support, it is important to get him a large amount of Energy Recharge, so he will be able to create Shields for other characters. In addition, it is worth focusing on HP, since the Shield scales precisely with this statistic.

  1. Artifacts - 4x Noblesse Oblige/2x Emblem of Severed Fate and 2x Tenacity of the Millelith
  2. Weapons - Skyward Spine/Favonius Lance

Thoma as Support needs a large amount of Energy Recharge - Noblesse Oblige set works perfectly with a large amount of Energy Recharge. Thanks to the large amount of Energy, you will be able to use Elemental Skill and Burst much faster and more often, and this set will strengthen your Elemental Burst DMG by 20% if you have 2 parts. If you have 4 parts, after using Elemental Burst, you will increase the ATK of each character by 20% for 12 seconds - a very good buff for someone who is only supposed to help others in battle.

There is also a combination of Emblem of Severed Fate and Tenacity of the Millelith sets. The two parts of EoSF give 20% Energy Recharge, and the two TotM will give you 20% HP. This is one of the better set combinations you can make for Thoma, because, as a Support, you need a lot of Energy Recharge to use the Shields and HP to make them much stronger.

In the case of weapons for Thoma as Support, it is worth investing in Skyward Spine provided you have it - Genshin Impact: Thoma - best builds (Pyro) - Pyro - Genshin Impact Guide

In the case of weapons for Thoma as Support, it is worth investing in Skyward Spine provided you have it. Besides the basic ATK, it also gives a large amount of additional Energy Recharge. Moreover, it increases CRIT Rate by 8%, Normal ATK SPD by 12%, and in addition, attacks have a 50% chance to deal additional 40% DMG AoE. However, this is not so important, since Thoma will not be in your team as a Support to perform too much attacks. This weapon is ideal if you have a lot of Energy Recharge.

A slightly weaker version of the weapon, although offering an additional amount of Energy Recharge, will be Favonius Lance. This weapon has a much better ability, because during a critical attack, you have a 60% chance of creating an Elemental Orb, which will recover 6 Energy to a character that will pick up this orb.

Sub DPS Build

Thoma is not very suitable as a main DPS since he has very small DMG converter. However, a properly build Thoma can be ideal as a Sub DPS in combination with a Support.

  1. Artifacts - 4x Emblem of Severed Fade
  2. Weapons - Engulfing Lightning/The Catch

Emblem of Severed Fade set adds 20% Energy Recharge and increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of current Energy Recharge, up to a maximum of 75%. These artifacts perfectly match with the previously mentioned weapons, which additionally offer Energy Recharge and work great with this statistic.

Engulfing Lightning is a five-star weapon. Not only does it increase the potential for damage, it also works well with high Energy Recharge. The weapon itself gives you extra Energy Recharge, plus it boosts your ATK based on how much Energy Recharge you have, up to a maximum of 80% (a maximum of 120% at Refinement level 5). Moreover, after using Elemental Burst, you will receive 30% Energy Recharge (max 50%). The weapon works great when combined with Emblem of Severed Fade.

The second weapon, The Catch, also offers Energy Recharge, however slightly less than Engulfing Lightning. However, it is worth mentioning that it is easier to get, since it is a four-star weapon. This weapon also offers an Elemental Burst DMG increase by 16% (up to 32%) and Elemental Burst CRIT Rate by 6% (up to 12%). With so much Energy Recharge, you can easily use Elemental Burst to deal as much damage as possible.


Talents are abilities that each character in the game uses. When it comes to Thoma, Talents should be improving in the right order:

  1. Blazing Blessing, Crimson Ooyoroi

In the case of the Support build, you should not waste resources on Swiftshatter Spear, as you will not use Normal or Charged ATK too much.


Thoma, as one of the few four-star characters, is very helpful with C0. His constellations mainly extend the effects, strengthen the shields, or lower the requirements needed to use certain skills.

If you want to invest in Thoma, it is worth having him on C4, due to the fact that his Elemental Burst will require 15 less Energy to activate, which is very helpful. In addition, earlier constellations shorten CD of skills and lengthen their action, which is also very useful.

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