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Genshin Impact Guide

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Genshin Impact: Coop - how to unlock? Genshin Impact guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, October 15, 2020

On this page of the Genshin Impact guide you will find out if there is a co-op mode and how to unlock it.

Yes, there is a co-op mode in Genshin Impact, however, it is not available at the very beginning of the adventure. Players can unlock co-op mode when they reach 16 AR (Adventure Rank). Only 4 players can participate in a single Co-op session. However, there are several restrictions that apply to all players in this mode.

  1. Co-op with players who play on other platforms is only possible if players play on the same server.
  2. When playing in Co-op session consisting of two players, each player can choose up to two characters they want to have. When three people play with each other, the host has two characters, while the players who have joined have one. In case of 4 people in this mode, each has only one character. Players can still change the character they want to control in the Party Menu.
  3. Players cannot join another player's world if their world level is higher than their own. The same applies to the host doing a main task; players cannot join the player's world when in progress of it.
  4. In the case of exploring Dungeons, players have to choose different characters. This means that there cannot be two Barbaras in a single party, for example.
  5. In the case of opening Ley Line Outcrops, after defeating a wave of mobs, each player decides for themselves whether they want to open the crate/revive the Petrified Tree. This, of course, costs a certain amount of Original Resin.

Activities available at co-op

  1. Exploration of Dungeons (Abyssal Domains) and opening of Ley Line Outcrops.
  2. Performing Commissions (daily tasks)
  3. Hunting mobs and defeating bosses.
  4. Travelling together and exploring the game world.

Activities not available in co-op

  1. The main tasks cannot be performed. All main tasks are interrupted the moment someone joins your world.
  2. No access to Spiral Abyss (A special type of Abyssal Domain - Dungeons).
  3. No access to shops.
  4. When you're in another player's world, you can't open crates, lift Anemoculus and Geoculus, or upgrade Statues of the Seven.
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