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Gears of War (XBOX360) Game Guide by

Gears of War (XBOX360) Game Guide

Table of Contents

Imaginary Place/Entrenched | Act IV: Gears of War (XBOX360) Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The entrance isn't guarded. Just after you come in, prepare a grenade - go right and use it to close the hole. Go upstairs. After taking a few steps you'll get attacked by Drones. Don't get too close to them or you risk getting sliced by their chainsaw. Kill them hidind in the opposite room. After the fight and a short conversation through the radio, get downstairs and take your position to the right of the house entrance. A Drone will come in. Get rid of him before he gets the chance to cause trouble. Going along the newly opened hallway you'll reach another hole. Throwing a grenade in is risky so it's better to hide behind the wall and kill the Drones one after another.

When you get to the desk slice it with your chainsaw - Imaginary Place/Entrenched - Act IV: - Gears of War (XBOX360) - Game Guide and Walkthrough

When you get to the desk slice it with your chainsaw. Get 27.Tag. Go down to the basement. You won't meet with any resistance at first. Just go forward till you reach a flooded room with wine racks. Now you need to find a way to open a secret pathway. Approach the wall opposite the stairs and look closer at the cabinet first from the left. One kick and the secret is out. Unfortunately, you'll need your droid's help to get through the next door. Of course, Locusts aren't the ones to sit and wait. Take your position opposite the grating, just behind the wall. When they attack, throw a grenade and shoot down the rest.

Enemies surrounded the house - Imaginary Place/Entrenched - Act IV: - Gears of War (XBOX360) - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Enemies surrounded the house! You need to force your way through the siege and to the exit. Start with leaving the basement. In the room with the desk (or what's left of it) you'll get attacked by Wretches. Fall back to the hallway and kill one after another. Don't forget to reload often. After you're done a Drone will run into the room, opening a pathway in the process. Go through the hallway and upstairs. Shoot at the attacking Drones as long as you can. When they burst into the room, take your position and pick them off one after another while they're still on the stairs. At the end of the fight a Boomer will come in. Take cover wherever you can and attack his head. Go downstairs, clear the rest of the rooms and stock up on ammo. A new way is open to you. It leads to the attic. Go there and shoot some Drones from the windows. While you're at it take care of the barricade blocking the door. Go downstairs and kick the nearby door. Be careful, there's an enemy hiding behind the statue. Outside, two Boomers prepared a warm welcome for you. When you kill them, you'll activate a 30 sec timer. You need to get to the APC before time runs out. Just dash towards the vehicle as fast as you can. Fighting here is suicide.

1 - Imaginary Place/Entrenched - Act IV: - Gears of War (XBOX360) - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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