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Gears Tactics Guide

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Gears Tactics: Grenadier fights, tips Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

In this chapter of the Gears Tactics guide, you will learn all about the Grenadier, a resistant short-range enemy type.

This is the first really tough opponent who has a lot of health points. After you encounter him for the first time, he will appear regularly in other missions along with different Locust units. His primary weapon is a shotgun, which is a short-range weapon. A Grenadier inflicts heavy damage and always tries to reduce the distance. This opponent can use covers but is very reckless and often ends up moving in open space.

You have to be careful of his opportunity attack - if you get close enough to the Grenadier, he will fire an extra shot towards the approaching soldier. This is a free action - it doesn't cost any action points. As long as he has more than half his health points, this ability will stay active. After losing a lot of health points, he will activate berserker mode. In this state, he doesn't have an opportunity attack, but he becomes more aggressive and has an increased defense.

The basic principle of fighting a Grenadier is to keep a distance. Two successful attacks by this enemy can knock down your units. Try to perform a coordinated attack and kill this enemy in one turn. That way you won't give him a chance to counterattack. A good move is to lower the health level of this enemy to make it activate the berserk mode. Then you can safely perform a melee attack and knock him down with a single strike. Ranged weapons, especially sniper rifles, and stun abilities or additional attacks can help you a lot in defeating this enemy. The Scout class isn't effective against the Grenadier.

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