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Gears Tactics Guide

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Gears Tactics: Overwatch mode - your friend Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

In this part of the guide, you will learn more about the Overwatch mode available in Gears Tactics.

In overwatch mode, your units can secure a selected part of their field of vision. The game puts a lot of emphasis on this mode and many enemy units also use it. The number of shots is determined by the remaining action points. It's not worth activating this mode when you don't have ammunition in your magazine or have it less than action points. But it is worth using if you don't have another good way to use your soldiers. The enemy often attacks by surprise and from many directions.

In this mode, you determine the direction and size of the cone, which determines the attack range of your weapon. This way you can determine the most effective angle for an attack. Each weapon is different. A shotgun used by the Scout class has the largest angle of view in the overwatch mode but has a small range. A sniper rifle is opposite - it has a narrow but very long cone of attack. The other weapons are roughly in the middle in terms of the length and width of the attack range.

Overwatch mode is useful for forcing enemy units to take some action - it is activated not only during movement but also during an attack. This works both ways. The only way to deal with this mode is to use skills that can "interrupt". These can be grenades, skills of your heroes and soldiers, or the shooting modes of a given weapon.

Well-placed units can create "death zones" in which the enemy won't be able to survive. These can be exposed areas that lead directly to your soldiers. They may also be narrow passages or corners of buildings. Even if the "Overwatch" mode fails, the enemy can interrupt its movement when they get pinned down. Also, the closer the enemy is, the easier it is to deal with them. If you are expecting an attack, set up several units with full magazines in the same direction. Your soldiers will only attack targets that can be knocked down. There won't be a situation where everyone attacks one enemy and the group behind them is left untouched. The game manages your soldiers' action points well during enemy turns.

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