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Gears Tactics Guide

Table of Contents

Gears Tactics: Progression system Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

In this chapter, you will learn more about the character development system in Gears Tactics. Here are some tips on the basics aspects of character development, skills, and stats.

A well-trained soldier is often the basis for success. Each recruit and hero gains levels and skill points. In this way, you will be able to develop the unique abilities of your soldiers. Familiarize yourself with the skill tree of each class and decide on 1 out of the 4 paths. Then focus on developing it consistently. Once you develop it fully, focus on the next one. That way, your soldiers will become masters in a given category. Sometimes it is worth picking 1-2 skills from outside the established path, but each skill at the end of the path offers the best bonuses.

Health points don't increase with levels! The only way to improve soldiers' health is with new items, including armor, boots, or a helmet. New items or modifications can increase this stat. Other statistics, such as accuracy, the chance of a critical hit, etc. can only be increased with equipment. Abilities usually don't change statistics permanently.

Creating synergies between your soldiers and specializing them is very important. You can put up to 4 soldiers into each battle, so there's no point in deploying more than two units of the same class. In some missions, this may prove to be a fatal choice. Each class comes in handy in different situations. The game puts a great emphasis on versatility and flexibility in managing your squad. You always need a character on your team who can:

  1. deal area damage
  2. inflict heavy damage on a single enemy
  3. attack multiple targets in one turn
  4. has a high critical hit chance with each attack
  5. can strengthen allies with e.g. healing, a positive status effect, etc.
  6. increase action points

Having more or less any of the above qualities and abilities will help you win most battles.

It is best to combine the skills of your soldiers by choosing the appropriate class and specific abilities. Vanguard, for example, places great emphasis on its bayonet and berserk mode. This class can regenerate their health points meaning they can be put in more difficult situations than the rest of the team. On the other hand, the Heavy or Support classes are able to cover its position with the overwatch mode. Vanguard will attack the advancing enemy units and the others will protect that character.

Check the classes section to read about useful skills of your soldiers.

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