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Gears Tactics Guide

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Gears Tactics: Action Points Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

In this chapter, you will learn more about the basics of Gears Tactics combat. Every tactical turn-based game is governed by its own rules, but the majority of them are similar. Unlike the other titles, Gears Tactics has several rules and features that affect the gameplay.

These points define the options available to your soldiers. There is a very change in the classic division into movement and attack known from other games. Unlike games such as X-Com, firing a shot doesn't end your turn. You can spend all 3 points on attacking, but you can also move your soldier 3 times or use 3 different skills.

Spend your action points well. If one of your allies is in the wrong place, it is best to withdraw and eliminate only the closest enemies. A narrow passage leads to your position? Or does the enemy have numerous melee units? Order your soldiers to spread out and activate overwatch mode. It's easier to get rid of enemies in the open and near your soldiers. Avoid spending all the points just to attack from an unfavorable position. Usually, the best course of action is to move to cover and then attack the enemy. Attacking a unit from the unprotected side provides a greater chance of hit and additional damage.

Executing weakened enemies

Executions are an important part of the game. By finishing off a weakened enemy, your remaining soldiers will gain additional action points. If you have only one opponent near your soldier, you can use this opportunity. When there are two or more weakened enemies on the battlefield, you face an important dilemma. Execute the enemies using one soldier or by sending out several team members?

The first option can strengthen your team, but at the same time, it will exclude one soldier from the action. The extra action points will allow your strongest character to wreak real destruction. E.g. Vanguard will be able to approach and attack multiple enemies, and Heavy will gain additional action points to fire more shots in the overwatch mode. In turn, a Sniper will fire more shots, and the Scout will be able to use a shotgun and then return to a safe position. Either way, more action points means more options.

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