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Gears Tactics Guide

Table of Contents

Gears Tactics: Equipment - how to get it? Gears Tactics guide, walkthrough

In this chapter of our guide to Gears Tactics you will learn how to obtain equipment for your soldiers. New weapons and armor can only be obtained in a few ways. There are no shops or workshops in the game that can provide new items for your characters.

For your soldiers, you can only get a few types of items. These may be the following:

  1. Weapons components (barrel, sights, bayonet)
  2. Grenades
  3. Armor
  4. Boots
  5. Helmet

Important! The armaments are always matched to a particular class. For example, if you've got a magazine for the Support class, then it won't match the Vanguard's weapon (despite the similarity in appearance). Each armament item has an icon of the character class for which the item is intended.

The equipment can be obtained as a reward for completing the main mission task or for completing a side quest. This is the main way of obtaining new equipment. Before each task you can check what rewards you may receive after successfully completing the mission. If you think you can't complete the objective of the optional task during the story mission, just go to the main menu and select the "restart mission" option. This way you'll start a chapter from the scratch and get a chance to acquire an extra item.

Each of these items is marked with a value category, like in card games, RPGs or hack and slash games.

  1. Common item (white)
  2. Rare item (blue color)
  3. Epic item (purple color)
  4. Legendary item (orange color)

The better the item, the higher the level. However, this does not mean that every high-level item will be better than some lower-level item. Some items offer both a bonus and a penalty for characters, for example, inflicted damage and received damage is increased by X%.

The second way is to explore the mission area and loot equipment crates. In each mission you can find chests that are located in a random area. The number of crates in a particular mission is always the same, although their position may change when the mission is played again. At the start of the game, move the camera and look around to find out the location of such crates - they will be visible even in the fog of war, which is outside the area your soldiers can see.

The crates are also color-coded, as are the items. Their content is random and you can only open them after completing the task. It's worth getting as many crates as possible, but you have to do it before the end of the task. It's worth to wait for a while before defeating the last enemy or completing the task and take a moment to explore all areas in order to get the crates.

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