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Frostpunk Game Guide

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Collecting wood in Frostpunk Frostpunk Guide

How to get more wood in Frostpunk? Check our guide with many tips for collecting woods.

Having stable wood deliveries is important for your colony's development in Frostpunk. Thanks to this resource you can build new constructions for your town and to develop new technologies. The basic deposits of this resource are rather limited and they won't last too long. Because of that it is important to develop buildings that can collect wood.

The most basic building of this type is called Sawmill. The only way to unlock it is to build a Workshop first. Thanks to that the costs of developing this technology will be small. At first, you won't get a lot of wood. However, it has numerous upgrades that can be unlocked in the technology tree, including new variants of this building (they also require Steam Cores). The only downside is that Sawmill collects wood only from a limited area which means that the maximum amount of this resource is limited. Because of that this solution works only at the beginning of the game.

The area within which a Sawmill can collect wood. - Collecting wood in Frostpunk - Gameplay mechanics - Frostpunk Game Guide
The area within which a Sawmill can collect wood.

Steam Wall Drill works better in the later parts of the Frostpunk game. This is a more advanced building that has bigger wood deposits than a Sawmill. However, to develop this technology you need to unlock the first level in the technology tree. Also, this building requires Steam Cores. It also has less upgrades than a Sawmill. But despite of that, this construction is a better investment. It can work for much longer in one area than a Sawmill. Also, thanks to the upgrades it can collect a lot of wood per hour but it requires a suitable location. After selecting the building, you can notice green spots marked on the map that represent places where you can place it.

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