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Contract negotiations | Transfers Football Manager 2016 Guide

During contract negotiations, you can take advantage of the agents greed - Contract negotiations - Transfers - Football Manager 2016 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
During contract negotiations, you can take advantage of the agent's greed

After successful negotiations with the club, you can proceed to negotiation the contract. This option is also available for players that currently don't have a club or to those whose contract is ending (when the negotiations end in success, the player will join your team after his current contract is over). Negotiating the contract is a process that will really decide whether the player joins your club or not. It is similar to negotiations with the club (offer - counteroffer). Remember also that even if a player is satisfied, he can sign a contract with another club that he is currently negotiating with. This makes it more difficult for you to convince him and may require a bigger salary than previously suspected.

Basic Options

Contract type - the type of contract that you sign with a player (for example junior contract).

Job - the role in the club. In the case of players who finished their career, you can hire them as trainers.

Squad status - information about how important the player is to the club. The salary that you offer to the player is connected to this feature. Higher status means more possibilities, but a player can also raise his demands in reaction to promotion. Moreover, when negotiations are successful, a player can be unsatisfied with for example the number of appearances in relationship to his status.

Transfer date - a window in which the transfer takes place. During the season, you can buy players in the winter break or during summer holidays. You can also set a different transfer date (for example when the player's current contract expires).

Contract length - when signing a contract, you have to decide how many years it will last.

Wage - the most important window that describes your offer to the player. The sum will be counted out of your wage budget. Never agree to the first version, as you can lower it a lot through negotiations. Remember also that the wage should appropriate to the player's status.

Loyalty bonus - a sum that the player receives. It is counted out from the budget once and it can convince the player to agree on a lower wage.

Agent fee - a sum that is paid to the agent. Because you negotiate with the agent, you can lower the wage requirements buy offering a high agent fee. Take advantage of his greediness and pay more now so that you save money over time.

Negotiable/non-negotiable - turning off the negotiation option from the offer (agent/player can only accept or reject it), or some of its elements (for example non-negotiable agent fee). By using this option, you can convince the agent to agree to your decision, because you let him know that you want pay any more, or make him end the negotiations.

Budget modification - if you don't have enough money, you can quickly modify your budget here, of course if you have some savings in your transfer budget.


Appearance fee - a sum that is paid to the player for every appearance for your club.

Goal bonus - a bonus for scoring a goal.

Top goalscorer bonus - a bonus for obtaining the top goalscorer title.

International cap bonus - a bonus for every match the player plays for the representation.

League games bonus - a bonus paid to the player after the club succeeds in certain league games.


Yearly Wage Rise - the player's wage will increase every year. Be careful when it comes to long-term contracts, because the percentage is counted from the current wage, not the one from the beginning.

Top division relegation wage drop - when your club relegates from top division, the player's wage will drop.

Wage after reaching club career league games - after playing a set number of league games, the player's wage will raise to a set value.

Seasonal landmark goal bonus - a sum that the player will receive after scoring a set number of goals in a season.

One-year extension after league games - during last season of the contract, when the player appears in a set number of matches, the contract will be extended for one year. It can be connected with relegation release clause.

Optional contract extension by club - allows you to extend the contract at any point during the contract.

Minimum fee release clause - the club has to accept every offer buying offer by another club and allow the player to begin contract negotiations. It can apply to domestic clubs, foreign clubs or clubs appearing in certain leagues.

Relegation release clause - allows the player to leave the club when your team relegates.

Sell on fee percentage - when you sell the player, he will receive a percentage of the price.

Match Highest Earner Clause - matching the player's wage to the wage of the best earning player in the club.


The most important thing when it comes to negotiating is to propose a counteroffer that will lower the player's starting requirements. At first, you can lower the wage. Mind the agent's expectations and the current contract (a player will seldom agree to worse conditions, unless you manage a much better club). When offering someone the key player status, don't expect that he will lower his requirements. A way to lower the expectations is to use clauses, but first analyze their viability (for example a high bonus for a forward player that scores a lot of goals can be a burden to the club's budget). Also, take advantage of the agents' greediness and offer them a high wage. This way you can lower the expectations for the player's salary. You will pay more now, but you will save money over time.

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