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FNAF Security Breach Guide by

FNAF Security Breach Guide

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FNAF SB: Available Endings - list FNAF Security Breach guide, walkthrough

This page of the FNAF Security Breach guide contains a list of all endings available in the game.

Last update: Thursday, May 26, 2022

On this page of the FNAF Security Brach guide, you can find a list of possible endings to your adventure.

In all, there are 6 different outcomes to the story. To unlock each of them, certain conditions must be met.


The worst outcome, but the easiest one to achieve. Once the clock strucks 6 AM, meet Freddy by the exit. You can now leave the complex. If you choose this means of escape, the game will end, and you'll see a cut-scene depicting the protagonist lying in an alley covered by a newspaper.

Escape via Loading Docks

To get this ending, you need to have the Loading Docks quest completed and level 7 Security Badge. Meet Freddy at 6 AM at the main entrance and choose "stay" Now travel to the aforementioned location. From here, you can leave the complex with Freddy.

With this outcome, you won't confront Vanny. This means that she remains at the complex.

Escape via Prize Counter

During the Prize Counter quest, you'll discover an emergency exit. To unlock this exit, you need to gather 6 golden plush animatronics. Here are their locations:

  1. Bonnie Bowling
  2. Monty's room
  3. The basement behind the Atrium restaurant segment
  4. Lighthouse in Kid's Cove

Once you got them all, as the clock strucks 6, you can use the exit at the Prize Counter. .

You'll be attacked by Vanny on the roof. Freddy will sacrifice himself for you in this fight.

Vanny dies

If you've chosen to get rid of Chica, you'll travel to Fazerblast (as you require certain items found in this location). At the very end of the mission, you'll discover a ventilation shaft leading to Vanna's hideout. Reaching this location unlocks two additional endings.

First one involves meeting Freddy at the main entrance and choosing "Vanny". You now have to fight your way through Fazerblast and then Vanny's hideout. Inside, there is a button that when pressed will turn the animatronics against the villain. This will be the death of her.

Vanny is freed

This ending requires not only Vanny's hideout unlocked. You must also complete all two Princess Quest games. Vending machines containing them can be found in the following locations:

  1. The Famous Glamrock Beauty Salon near Roxy Raceway;
  2. The corridor which is the background to the pursuit sequence with DJ Music Man (Fazcade)

Once the clock strucks 6, meet Freddy at the main entrance and choose "Vanny" Just like in the case of the previous ending, you need to fight your way through Fazerblast, and then go to Vanna's hideout.

There, instead of pressing the button, you have to play the last Princess Quest game. If you complete it successfully, Vanny will be freed from Afton's influence.

Fighting Afton

If you decide to stay in the complex past 6am, you will receive a second Party Pass. This will allow you to fight the animatronic you bypassed. It's either Monty or Chica. The whole sequence may prove to be problematic, as you cannot save your progress.

If you manage to defeat the second animatronic from the pair, a special elevator will be unlocked leading to the underground portion of the complex. You can find it in Roxy Raceway.

Here, you'll face William Afton himself. During the fight, you have to locate your opponent on the screens and press the buttons below them to burn him to cinders.

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