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FNAF Security Breach Guide by

FNAF Security Breach Guide

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FNAF SB: Begginer's Guide FNAF Security Breach guide, walkthrough

This page of the guide to FNAF Security Breach contains tips for begginers.

Last update: Wednesday, February 9, 2022

On this page of the FNAF Security Breach guide, you can find a selection of starting tips. They will help you get the gist of the game much faster rather than having to trial and error by yourself.

Listen carefully to Freddy

The messages received through the Faz-Watch are often brief and unobvious. You can learn much more by simply listening to Freddy, who offers detailed descriptions on what to do. Therefore, always listen to what he has to say, as it lowers the chance of getting stuck.

Keep an eye on Faz-Watch

Faz-watch is a basic tool that you will have access to from the beginning of the game. It offers 4 functionalities:

  1. Viewing feed from surveiliance cameras
  2. map screen
  3. task list
  4. receiving messages

These tools will help you track your progress when completing tasks and planning your actions. Therefore, make use of Faz-watch as often as possible. You will increase your chances of survival this way.

S - FNAF SB: Starting Tips - Basics - FNAF Security Breach Guide

Avoid S.T.A.F.F Bots

S.T.A.F.F. Bots are machines that you'll encounter in abundance during your adventure. If you get detected by them, you won't die right away, but being detected means that one of three animatronics will start hunting you. You need to watch out for them.

Save your game regularly

The game does not allow saving whenever you like. as there are special stations around the levels that allow you to save. Every time you see a saving station, make use of it, so you won't have to repeat larger sequences.

The game is definitely stealth-oriented - FNAF SB: Starting Tips - Basics - FNAF Security Breach Guide

Be patient

The game is definitely stealth-oriented. Running wildly around the levels will end badly. Therefore, keep track of machines' routes and avoid detection step by step.

Hideouts and Faz-Watch are very useful, are they are basis of finding and keeping a safe route. Just hide in a safe place and look at the feed from the security cameras to see whether the path ahead is clear.

Don't panic

When you crouch, you will see a detection indicator that lets you know if you are visible. When the icon starts to glow red, don't panic just yet. Instead, try to locate the given opponent and find a cover that will let you get off the radar.

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