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Final Fantasy XV Game Guide

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Table of Contents
Final Fantasy XV - Cindy
Final Fantasy XV - Cindy
The Ever Regal Regalia
The Ever Elegant Regalia
Into Unknown Frontiers
The Ever Valorous Regalia
The Ever Illustrious Regalia
The Ever Gleaming Regalia
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Cindy - upgrading Regalia | Side quests Final Fantasy XV Guide


1 The Ever Regal Regalia

2 The Ever Elegant Regalia

3 Into Unknown Frontiers

4 The Ever Valorous Regalia

5 The Ever Illustrious Regalia

6 The Ever Gleaming Regalia

During your journey you will be able to modify the teams car - Regalia - in multiple ways - Cindy - upgrading Regalia | Side quests - Side quests - Final Fantasy XV Game Guide

During your journey you will be able to modify the team's car - Regalia - in multiple ways. Travel to Cindy's garage to change the color or install new gadgets to the vehicle. At the end of the game you will also be able to unlock the flying model of Regalia, allowing you to travel around the world faster and get to one of the hidden locations.





The Ever Regal Regalia

Reach chapter 2 and complete The Power of Kings.


Head to the tunnel, south of Praire Outpost. You will fight Goblins there.

150 EXP, Aero Wax (increased fuel storage).

The Ever Elegant Regalia

Complete "The Ever Regal Regalia".

Head to Balouve Mines. Collect Restone Shard at the entrance to the cave, near the elevator.

500 EXP, Hammerhead Decal, Racing Stripes I Decal, Basic Color Samples

The Ever Valorous Regalia

Complete "The Ever Gleaming Regalia".

Head to the western part of Vesperpool (available from chapter 7) and collect the elements of the car wreck.

1000 EXP, Supercharger (increased maximum speed).

The Ever Illustrious Regalia

Complete "The Ever Valorous Regalia".

You have to travel to Crestholm Channels, a dungeon reserved for a high-level party.

3000 EXP, Enhanced Headlights (protects from daemons during the night).

The Ever Gleaming Regalia

Complete "The Ever Elegant Regalia".

Head south-west from Coernix Station. The part you're looking for is lying near an old car.

600 EXP, Fiberglass Coating (Regalia doesn't get dirty).

Into Unknown Frontiers

Reach chapter 15 (complete main storyline) and complete "The Ever Illustrious Regalia" and "Farmouth Garrison".

After clearing Formouth Garrison you will find an item called Strange Engine. You should also acquire Warped Wings from Aracheole Stronghold. Afterwards, head to Cindy with the items.

Regalia Type-F (The car can now fly).

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