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Final Fantasy XII Game Guide by

Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

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Table of Contents

Shields and armor | Bazaar Final Fantasy XII Guide


What's this?

Made of?


Unassuming Surcoat

Chromed Leathers / light armor

Earth Stone,

Wolf Pelt x2


180 gil

Gilt Shield

Escutcheon / shield

Fire Stone,



270 gil

Assorted Leathers

Leather Headgear / light armor

Leather Breastplate / light armor

Dark Stone x2,

Tanned Hide,

Wolf Pelt x2


680 gil

Traveler's Garb

Feathered Cap / robes

Traveler's Vestment / robes

Braid Wool x2,

Tanned Hide 2,

Water Stone x5


3280 gil

Matching Reds

Red Cap / light armor

Brigandine / light armor

Coeurl Pelt x3,

Dark Magicite x3,

Quality Hide x2


4280 gil

Monk's Garb

Headband / light armor

Jujitsu Gi / light armor

Coeurl Pelt x4,

Ice Magicite x4,

Tyrant Hide x2


5480 gil

Alluring Finery

Lamia's Robes / robes

Enchanter's Habit / robes

Fine Wool x3,

Ice Magicite x4,

Tyrant Hide


5480 gil

Golden Garb

Golden Helm / heavy armor

Golden Armor / heavy armor

Golden Shield / shield

Dark Magicite x3,

Iron Carapace x3,

Tanned Hide x2


6780 gil

Ninja Garb

Black Cowl / robes

Black Garb / robes

Fine Wool x4,

Fire Magicite x5,

Tanned Tyrant Hide x2


8330 gil

Burnished Protectives

Burgonet / heavy armor

Shielded Armor / heavy armor

Ice Shield / shield

Fire Stone x6,

Quality Hide x2,

Wyrm Carapace x2


8400 gil

Forbidding Shield

Demon Shield / shield

Aged Turtle Shell x2,

Destrier Barding x8,

Leamonde Halcyon


9800 gil

Light & Sturdy Garb

Adamant Hat / light armor

Adamant Vest / light armor

Coeurl Pelt x6,

Storm Magicite x5,

Tanned Tyrant Hide x2


9800 gil

Brilliant Shield


Venetian Shield / shield

Ancient Turtle Shell x2,

Ring Wyrm Liver x2,

Undin Halcyon


12420 gil

Magepower Helm

Magepower Shishak / heavy armor

Charger Barding x5,

Chimera Head x2,



12800 gil

Emboldening Arms


Chakra Band / light armor

Power Vest / light armor

Fire Crystal x3,

Quality Pelt x6,

Tanned Giantskin x4


13780 gil

Sturdy Battle Gear

Maximillian / heavy armor

Charger Barding x4,

Pisces Gem x3,

Split Armor x2


14800 gil

Gigas Gear

Gigas Hat / light armor

Gigas Chestplate / light armor

Dark Crystal x7,

Prime Pelt x8,

Prime Tanned Hide x7


17800 gil

Platinum Gear

Platinum Helm / heavy armor

Platinum Armor / heavy armor

Platinum Shield / shield

Insect Husk x2,

Storm Magicite x6,

Tanned Giantskin x5


19120 gil

Black Vestments

Black Mask / robes

Black Robes / robes

Blood Wool x9,

Dark Crystal x8,

Prime Tanned Hide x7


22800 gil

White Vestments

White Mask / robes

White Robes / robes

Blood Wool x9,

Beastlord Hide x7,

Holy Crystal x8


22800 gil

Nature's Armory

Crown of Laurels / light armor

Rubber Suit / light armor

Fire Crystal x8,

Forbidden Flesh x7,

Prime Pelt x9

24650 gil

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