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Final Fantasy XII Game Guide by

Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

Table of Contents

Long ranged weapon and ammunition | Bazaar Final Fantasy XII Guide


What's this?

Made of?


Bow & Bodkin

Shortbow / bow,

Parallel Arrows / arrows

Bat Fang,

Dark Stone x2,

Rat Pelt x2


600 gil

Marksman's Delight

Capella / gun,

Silent Shot / bullets

Dark Stone x3,

Fish Scale x2,

Green Liquid


1680 gil

Rain of Tears

Vega / gun,

Aqua Shot / bullets

Green Liquid x3,

Water Stone x5,

Yensa Scale x2


2980 gil

Arrows Alight

Longbow / bow,

Fiery Arrows / arrows

Crooked Fang x2,

Fire Stone x4


3800 gil

Hollow-shaft Arrows

Loxley Bow / bow,

Bamboo Arrows / arrows

Bat Fang x5,

Water Magicite x3,

Yellow Liquid


6280 gil

Ranger's Crossbow

Crossbow / bowgun,

Long Bolts / bolts

Crooked Fang x4,

Ice Stone,

Yellow Liquid x2


6480 gil

Water-drop Munitions

Water Bombs / bombs

Book of Orgain x3,

Putrid Liquid x3,

Water Crystal x10


7800 gil


Aldebaran / gun,

Mud Shot / bullets

Earth Crystal x3,

Ichthon Scale x4,

Silver Liquid x3


9080 gil

Noisome Incendiaries

Fumarole / hand bombs,

Poison Bombs / bombs

Bomb Shell,

Fire Crystal x3


9800 gil

Huntman's Crossbow

Recurve Crossbow / bowgun,

Stone Bolts / bolts

Bundle of Needles,

Festering Flesh x2,

Ice Magicite x5


9980 gil

Oil-Soaked Incendiaries

Tumulus / hand bombs,

Oil Bombs / bombs

Bomb Ashes x3,

Book of Orgain x2,

Fire Crystal x3


10625 gil

Blindfight Quarrels

Hunting Crossbow / bowgun,

Black Bolts / bolts

Dark Crystal x3,

Silver Liquid x3,

Spiral Incisor x3


11220 gil

Devastating Incendiaries

Castellanos / bombs

Aries Gem x3,

Bomb Fragment x3,

Frog Oil x2


12000 gil

Arrows of the Moon Goddess

Artemis Arrows / arrows

Dorsal Fin x2,

Gemini Gem x3,

Vampyr Fang x2


15000 gil

Piercing Bolts

Grand Bolts / bolts

Capricorn Gem x3,

Ring Wyrm Liver x2,

Wrath of the Gods x2


15000 gil

Stone Shot

Stone Shot / bullets

Libra Gem x3,

Mirror Scale x2,

Tyrant Bone x2


15000 gil

Armor-piercing Shot

Spica / gun,

Windslicer Shot / bullets

Ring Wyrm Scale x4,

Silver Liquid x5,

Wind Crystal x7


15200 gil

Bow of the Moon Goddess

Artemis Bow / bow

Great Serpent's Fang x2,

Moondust x2,

Sylphi Halcyon


15800 gil

Permafrost Bow & Quiver

Perseus Bow / bow,

Icecloud Arrows / arrows

Antarctic Wind x2,

Ice Crystal x7,

Spiral Incisor x4


17200 gil

Scout's Crossbow

Penetrator Crossbow / bowgun,

Time Bolts / bolts

Ancient Bone x3,

Holy Crystal x9,

Wyvern Fang x4


17800 gil

Befuddling Incendiaries

Caldera / hand bombs,

Chaos Bombs / bombs

Bomb Shell x4,

Book of Orgain-Cent x3,

Fire Crystal x7


17800 gil

Late-model Rifle

Arcturus / gun

Salamand Halcyon,

Wyvern Wing x2,

Yensa Fin x2


19800 gil

Silver Bow

Sagittarius / bow

Beastlord Horn x3,

Moon Ring x3,

Sagittarius Gem x4

60000 gil

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