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Final Fantasy XII Game Guide by

Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

Table of Contents

Two handed weapons | Bazaar Final Fantasy XII Guide


What's this?

Made of?


Light Spear


/ spear

Foul Flesh x2,

Horn x2,

Wind Stone x3


1260 gil

Wooden Pole

Cypress Pole

/ pole

Bone Fragment x5,

Earth Stone x4,

Succulent Fruit x3


1800 gil

Iron-forged Pole

Iron Pole

/ pole

Demon Eyeball x3,

Fire Magicite x4,

Sturdy Bone x5


4780 gil

Mystic Staff

Cloud Staff

/ staff

Demon Feather x6,

Quality Lumber x4,

Storm Crystal x7


7200 gil

Jag-tooth Ninja Sword


/ ninja sword

Dark Magicite x5,

Festering Flesh x4,

Giant Feather x5


9000 gil

Forked Spear


/ spear

Maggoty Flesh x5,

Pointed Horn x4,

Wind Magicite x6


11250 gil

Elegant Pole

Ivory Pole

/ pole

Blood-darkened Bone x8,

Demon Feather x6,

Wind Crystal x7


12150 gil

Samurai's Katana


/ katana

Iron Ore x5,

Screamroot x7,

Water Crystal x9


13800 gil

Attenuated Greatsword

Save the Queen

/ great sword

Holy Crystal x10,

Quality Stone x4,

Sky Jewel x7


14000 gil

Serpent Blade


/ ninja sword

Cancer Gem x3,

Coeurl Whisker x2,

Sickle-Blade x2


15200 gil

Engraved Spear


/ spear

Broken Spear x2,

Ketu Board x2,

Mystletainn x2


15300 gil

Ultimate Blade

Ultima Blade

/ great sword

Adamantite x2,

Death Powder x2,

Gnoma Halcyon


22800 gil

Whisker of the Beast

Whale Whisker

/ pole

Aquarius Gem x4,

Corpse Fly x3,

Mythril x3


60000 gil

Master-crafted Blade


/ katana

Gemsteel x2,

Mallet x2,

Orichalcum x3


350000 gil

The Sunflower


/ great sword

Empyreal Soul x3,

Gemsteel x3,

Serpentarius x3


600000 gil

Dragon Crest

Wyrmhero Blade

/ great sword

Lu Shang's Badge,

Godslayer's Badge,

Omega Badge

65535 gil

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