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Final Fantasy XII Game Guide by

Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

Table of Contents

Useful items sets | Bazaar Final Fantasy XII Guide


What's this?

Made of?


Potion Pack

Potion x2

Cactus Fruit x2


70 gil

Magick Shard

Holy Mote

Diakon Halcyon,

Glass Jewel x8,

Sky Jewel x8


99 gil

Antidote Set

Antidote x3

Drab Wool x2


100 gil

Eye Drop Set

Eye Drops x3

Demon Eyeball x2


100 gil

Sipping Wine

Bacchus' Wine x3

Tyrant Hide x2


240 gil

Chronos Tear Pack

Chronos Tear x10

Eye of the Hawk


333 gil

Tail of the Phoenix

Phoenix Down x2

Small Feather x3


400 gil

First-aid Kit

Phoenix Down x2,

Potion x2


Large Feather x3

450 gil

Magick Shard

Scathe Mote

Book of Orgain x8,

Book of Orgain-Cent x8,

Book of Orgain-Mille x8


499 gil

Smelling Salts

Hi-Potion x4,

Smelling Salts x2


Malboro Vine x4

540 gil

Tinctures & Tonics

Potion x5,

Handkerchief x3,

Gold Needle x3


Succulent Fruit x4

700 gil

Burning Fangs

Red Fang x5

Pointed Horn x2


980 gil

Vaccine Pack

Vaccine x10

Demon's Sight


999 gil

Memories of Yore

Pebble x99

Quality Stone x5


999 gil

Hi-Potion Pack

Hi-potion x10

Rainbow Egg


1111 gil

Eye Openers

Phoenix down x5,

Alarm Clock x5


Chocobo Feather x4

1280 gil

Magick Shards

Water Mote x5


Festering Flesh x4

1480 gil

Survival Set

Antidote x12,

Eye Drops x12,

Echo Herbs x12


Malboro Fruit x4

1500 gil

Phials & Philtres

Vaccine x8,

Smelling Salts x16


Malboro Flower x3

1980 gil

Fire-bird's Whisper

Phoenix Down x10



2222 gil

Triage Kit

Phoenix Down x12,

Hi-Potion x3


Giant Feather x3

2980 gil

Flask of Oily Liquid


Caramel x3,

Unpurified Ether x2


4000 gil

X-Potion Pack

X-Potion x10


Behemoth Steak

4444 gil

Soul of the Fire-bird

Phoenix Down x25

Bundle of Feathers x3


5980 gil

Potion Crate

Potion x30,

Hi-Potion x20,

X-potion x10


Screamroot x3

7480 gil

Phoenix Flight

Phoenix Down x50

Windslicer Pinion x5


8750 gil

Flask of Viscous Liquid


Foul Liquid x2,

Slime Oil,

Unpurified Ether x2


12000 gil

Mysterious Substance

Dark Matter

Bat Wing,

Grimoire Aidhed x3,

Grimoire Togail x3


14999 gil

Saint's Draught


Ambrosia x3,

Demon Drink x3,

High Arcana


36000 gil

Esoteric Draught


High Arcana x2,

Onion x3,

Rat Tail x3

108000 gil

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