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Final Fantasy XII Game Guide by

Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

Table of Contents

Ridorana Cataract | Part III Final Fantasy XII Guide





Drops (price)

Steal (price)





Charger Barding (1154g),

Storm Crystal (160g)

Charger Barding (1154g),






Earth Crystal (160g)

Malboro Flower (1043g)

*Rare; ** It's better not to sell this

There's nothing worth of interest in here (for now) so go straight to Pharos. Immediately, even before you can reach the lighthouse, Hydro will attack you.

Hydro - Ridorana Cataract - Part III - Final Fantasy XII - Game Guide and Walkthrough


About 210 000 HP

Resistant to Libra



Crushing Fangs,





Hydro is a dead dragon. I can only imagine how awful stench he must emit - that's probably the reason why his attacks cause so many bad status effects.

His most ordinary attack may cause the poison status, his bite may cause Sap to one of your heroes and Bio may cause Sap to all heroes in the range. The worse attack from these changing statuses is Curse, which except for Sap may also cause disease, confuse and poison.

Besides these attacks he also uses darkra, crushing fangs and - the worst one - Fearga, which drains all mana points from all party members in range.

My advice is to end this battle as fast as possible - Ridorana Cataract - Part III - Final Fantasy XII - Game Guide and Walkthrough

My advice is to end this battle as fast as possible. Use three berserks and keep the white mage as far from the actual battle. If you cant do this with three berserks cast two and give the one who isn't berserked a long ranged weapon.

If anyone needs the healing close in for a moment and heal, but if Hydro starts casting Fearga at that moment just go away for a sec even before you can cast your spell and get back when the enemy ends casting it.

For defeating this one you get 2000 gil from Montblanc.

After the fight go inside.

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