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Final Fantasy XII Game Guide by

Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

Table of Contents

Deeper in Golmore Jungle | Part II Final Fantasy XII Guide

Name - Deeper in Golmore Jungle - Part II - Final Fantasy XII - Game Guide and Walkthrough





Drops (price)

Steal (price)

Great Malboro




Malboro Vine (433g),

Musk Stick*,

Foul Liquid (703g)

Earth Magicite (80g)





Earth Magicite (80g),

Tyrant Hide (549g)

Tanned Hide (549g),

Tyrant Hide (549g),

Earth Magicite (80g)





Storm Magicite (80g),

Warp Mote**,

Quality Pelt (651g)

Coeurl Pelt (454g),

Storm Magicite (80g)

*Rare; ** It's better not to sell this

In the village you also got Lante's Tear - it will let you to go through the magical barriers in jungle. Leave the village and make your way eastward. Save your game as soon as you get to the area with gate crystal, because in the next area another boss waits for you.

Elder Wyrm - Deeper in Golmore Jungle - Part II - Final Fantasy XII - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Elder Wyrm

+2 Treants

About 70 000 HP

Resistant to Libra,

Vulnerable to Wind attacks


Wild charge,

Fire ball

This enemy is pretty strong. On this fight send Bash with berserk and two mages. Let Bash attack anyone he wishes. Mages should attack both treants with Aero. After dealing with treants call forth a white mage who knows how to use Esuna. He should be equipped with Bowline Sash in order to be immune to Confuse.

The boss often attacks using Sporefall - it causes many bad status effects (Blind, Confuse, Slow, Silence, Oil, Sleep, Poison, Sap) to all characters in range. Wild charge is a very strong attack aimed against one of your heroes and Fire ball inflicts fire damage to all standing in front of the wyrm.

For killing it you'll get 800 gil from Montblanc.

After the battle continue eastward to Paramina Rift.

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