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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide by

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Completing in 100% - how to do it? Play Log Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide, walkthrough

This page of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide presents the answer to the question - How to complete the game in 100%? Below is a list of the elements counted by the game!

1 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Completing in 100% - how to do it? Play Log - FAQ - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide
  1. In addition to the trophies, there is also the so-called Play Log, which has the most important challenges. Finishing them will give you a true sense that you have fully finished the game.
  2. Battle Intel Reports - 20 Battle Intel for Chadley. You will face plenty of optional bosses like Shiva, Bahamut, etc.
  3. 11 fights at the Coliseum - new fights added e.g. in later chapters and when playing on Hard.
  4. 14 Shinra Combat Simulation Battles - be sure to have a well-prepared team.
  5. 26 Odd Jobs - side missions available in various chapters. What is more, in Chapter 9 you will see side missions depending on whether you performed or missed some in Chapters 3 and 8.
  6. 114 enemies Assessed - you have to use Assess Materia on 114 enemies in the game. The game also counts the bosses. Always start a fight by checking if the enemy has already been scanned.
  7. 24 Weapon Skills Learned. Each character has 6 weapons - you have to learn their special skills.
  8. 4 Enemy Skills Learned - you need Enemy Skill Materia received for Chadley's Battle Intel Report 16. Then you have to learn 4 skills: Algid Aura from Cerulean Drake, Spirit Siphon from Phantom, Self-Destruct from Bomb or Smogger and Bad Breath from Malboro.
  9. Get 54 Manuscripts - a few of them can be purchased at the Moogle Shop, but you get the majority of them by replaying chapters on Hard Mode and fighting bosses.
  10. 31 Music Discs - hidden in different places e.g. purchased from Vending Machines and shopkeepers.
  11. Cloud's, Tifa's and Aerith's Dresses - you get different dresses depending on your decisions in Chapter 9. Chapter 9, in turn, takes into consideration what side missions you completed in previous chapters and which outfit you chose for Tifa in Chapter 3.
  12. 3 Chapter 14 Resolutions - depending on which dialogue paths you choose during the game, you may see a different scene with Aerith, Barrett or Tifa. The game counts e.g. who you first approached when you fell into the channel, whether you participated in discoveries, whether you were nice to your companions, etc.
  13. Complete 18 chapters on Hard Mode - you must complete the game again, this time in Hard Mode.
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