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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide by

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Cloud - best build, development Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide, walkthrough

This page of the FF7 Remake guide has information about the best builds for Cloud. What skills you should choose for the main character? What Materia? Below you will find a handful of tips! Remember, this build has suited our playstyle - you can come up with a different variation yourself. To make the information easier to follow, we divided the development into different chapters.

1 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Cloud - best build, development - Team - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

Cloud's development up until Chapter 4

  1. At the very beginning of the game, you should use Cloud as a melee-oriented character, who also uses Materia from time to time.
  2. Cloud start with Buster Sword. Choose the following skills in Buster Sword Core: Max HP +100, Attack Power +5, Punisher Mode Strong Attack Damage 5% Boost.
  3. In Chapter 3, you get Iron Blade - learn its Triple Slash and switch to Buster Sword again.
  4. Get the following skills from Buster Sword Sub-Core: Attack Power +8, Defense +5 and Magic Defense +5.
  5. As for accessories and armor, prioritize Attack and Strength, followed by Vitality, Defense and Magic Defense.
  6. When it comes to Materia, place Healing Materia in accessories. Deadly Dodge Materia is also useful. You can also choose one offensive Materia like Lightning Materia.

Cloud's development up until Chapter 9

  1. Get Elemental Materia in Chapter 7 and use it with Lightning Materia to deal extra lightning damage with your sword.
  2. Get Nail Bat in Chapter 8 Budding Bodyguard (Kids on Patrol) and learn Disorder.
  3. Buy The Art of Swordplay Vol. 1 in Chapter 8 to boost his SP - you can get it at the Moogle Emporium.
  4. You can still use Buster Sword. Develop the weapon in this way - Buster Sword Sub-Core II: Attack Power +8, New Materia Slot, Max HP +150. Buster Sword Sub-Core III: Attack Power +16, New Materia Slot, Max HP +150, Defense +6.
  5. Use Ifrit Materia as a Summon. Use e.g. Lightning Materia + Elemental Materia, Assess (as Aerith is better off casting spells), and e.g. Deadly Dodge Materia. You can also use HP UP if you feel that Cloud has little HP and you are receiving too much damage in battles.

Cloud's development up until Chapter 18

  1. Cloud's later development is quite similar to those from earlier chapters, with the difference that you should always have him equipped with a Healing Materia. This is especially useful during the final chapters of the game.
  2. Buy Hardedge at Weapons Shop in Wall Market in Chapter 9. You can also buy Mythril Saber. The final weapon for Cloud (Twin Stinger) is in Chapter 17.
  3. Perform side missions, including squats in Chapter 9, to win the Champions Belt for Cloud, which will increase HP and Strength.
  4. Hardedge is a great weapon even during the final moments of the game. You should also learn new skills from the weapons.
  5. Focus Cloud's development on gaining pure strength, with one HP UP Materia, Healing Materia and Elemental Materia + chosen element to easily deal with most of the enemies.
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