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FIFA 23: Power Shot - how to perform? FIFA 23 Guide, Tips

Power Shot is a new type of shots that was introduced in FIFA 23. Learn how power shot works and how to use it.

Last update: Wednesday, October 19, 2022

On this page of the FIFA 23 guide, we explain the mechanics behind Power Shots and inform how they are different from regular shots, as well as show how to perform them.

Performing Power Shots

Power Shot is a new type of shot introduced in FIFA 23 - FIFA 23: Power Shot - how to perform? - FAQ - FIFA 23 Guide

Power Shot is a new type of shot introduced in FIFA 23. A Power Shot is more powerful than a regular shot, but it is more difficult to execute because it requires manual aiming and a longer build-up .

To make a power shot in FIFA 23 , use the appropriate button combination :

  1. PS4 / PS5 : L1 R1 O.
  2. Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S : LB RB B.

Before you take a Power Shot

Below are some tips that may make making Power Shots easier in FIFA 23 :

  1. The build-up to the shot is longer, so make sure the player has enough space for it.
  2. A strong shot requires more precise aiming, so you have to aim the analog stick carefully so as not to miss.
  3. A power shot can be made with Timed Finishing , but it takes a lot of practice.
  4. A power shot can also be made with a bouncing ball, but the order to shoot must be given much earlier.
  5. A power shot can be canceled by pressing the pass button (X / A).
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