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FIFA 23: Coins - How to earn fast, methods, investments FIFA 23 Guide, Tips

To build the first good golden eleven in FUT 23 mode will need a substantial amount of coins. Check out the best and fastest way to make money in FIFA 23.

Last update: Thursday, September 29, 2022

On this page of the FUT 23 guide in FIFA 23 , we show ways of quickly getting coins so you can create a gold squad fast and start the Division Rivals season well.

Getting started in FUT 23

Below we list 10 simple steps that can help you get started in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

  1. If you've played FIFA 22, you will likely get packs of various quality as a reward for returning players. Even if you haven't spent too much time playing, you should get at least a gold pack or two.
  2. When starting FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode , you can choose a starter from any country, but it is worth checking out the nations in which many great players play , such as France, England or the Netherlands - this way you increase your chances of getting a valuable card
  3. The received players can be used to complete a Squad Building Challenge. Your main goal is to complete the most rewarding SBCs as soon as possible - so you're rewarded with good packages without spending that much.
  4. Avoid selling functional cards, such as change position or change style cards. During the initial days of FUT 23, their price will be low which makes selling them on the transfer market infeasible.
  5. Do not put up very good famous players who were popular last season and rare gold players with an overall rating of 83 for auction , as their selling price will increase after the official launch of FIFA 23 .
  6. On the transfer market, the most expensive players will be those who play in the most powerful football leagues, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1. If you don't have many coins, look for players from less popular football leagues like Eredivisie (Netherlands), MLS (USA), Liga NOS (Portugal) or CSL (China).
  7. When listing cards in the FUT Transfer Market, don't sell them below the standard price . At the start of the season, you need every coin you can get. Put your cards up for auction for one hour, as their prices change dynamically so you can adapt to that .
  8. Before you start looking for players for your first golden squad, write down all their names and then try to hunt players using the sniper method. When it comes to less popular players, you can try standard bidding.
  9. Don't invest all your earned coins in one player . At the start of FUT 23 , you need a full squad, not just one player.
  10. Do not bid on disposable cards, instead, try to hunt them down in the transfer market for low money using the sniper method . Many new players don't know the value of such cards and sell them for next to nothing.

Bronze pack method

The brown pack method is the easiest way to earn money in FUT 23, so it's perfect for beginner players. Earning through the bronze pack method is all about buying the cheapest packs in the FUT 23 Store and selling whatever is found in them . However, before putting any player up for sale, check what his market price is. Some bronze player cards can cost as much as gold cards because they are used in certain SBCs.

Player cards should be placed at 1-hour auctions so that they are as high as possible on the transfer list and keep their price.

Sniper method

The sniper method is a good way to earn money in FUT 23, if you can afford to invest a few or several thousand coins. When preparing to earn money using the sniper method on the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market, pay attention to the following :

  1. First, decide on the amount you want to spend , but not less than 3,000 coins. Then make a list of players who are of interest to you - it is worth focusing on those players who often appear on the teams that you may encounter in Divison Rivals games .
  2. Go to the FUT Transfer Market, enter the name of the chosen player and see how much are the cheapest offers.
  3. In the FUT transfer market, there are often situations where impatient players lower the market value of players' cards. In the transfer market view, in the "Buy now" field, enter the appropriate maximum amount that you can pay for the card, including the 5% tax on the card when reselling . For example, if you manage to buy a card for 2,500 and sell it for 3,000 coins, you will earn 350 coins.

By spending a lot of time in the FUT Transfer Market, it will be easier for you to see the current prices, so you will immediately know that the player in question has been placed well below the market price and you will be able to profit from it.

Squad Battle Challenge

The Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in FUT 23 are a good way of making money, as to complete some of them, you'll going to need certain players that have the right chemistry. There are many websites on the Internet that offer players ready-made SBC solutions and the players found there are worth buying for less and selling for more. Before you buy any player, however, remember that there is a 5% tax on resale, so count it in before the next transaction so you come out on top.

It's best to look for players' cards in the morning or in the afternoon and evening hours (approximately from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.). The FUT 23 Transfer Market is definitely worth checking out at the end of the weekend when players receive their FUT Champions rewards and on Monday when they collect their Squad Battle rewards.

If you can spend more time on the transfer market during the day, try selling cards in 1-hour auctions . You can also try to put players up for a few hour auctions during nighttime - so that players from other time zones can bid on them.

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