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FIFA 23: Team of the Week - card mechanics, how to get FIFA 23 Guide, Tips

In FUT 23 mode, players have a number of special player cards at their disposal, and some of them modify players' statistics. Check out what the Team of the Week cards are and how they work.

Last update: Thursday, September 29, 2022

On this page of the FUT 23 guide to FIFA 23, you will learn what Team of the Week cards are, how they work and when they appear in the game.

TOTW card mechanics

Each week, EA Sports rewards selected players who have excelled in the last games on the world's pitches with special Team of the Week (TOTW) cards in FUT 23 mode. The players receive the "In Form" card, which has a better overall rating and sometimes even a changed position on the pitch.

The release of TOTW cards

The Team of the Week in FUT 23 will appear every Wednesday at probably 5 PM (UCT). From now on, you will be able to look for special TOTW cards in packs.

Choosing TOTW cards

If you follow the match results on world pitches on a regular basis, you can choose the players who will appear in the Team of the Week:

  1. Main squad: the starting squad consists mostly of players who play for famous clubs such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, etc.
  2. Bench: on the bench, you will find several players from the top 5 football leagues, and the rest of the squad will be completed with the so-called Fillers, i.e. weaker cards that will appear most often in packs.
  3. Squad variation: Each TOTW in FUT 23 will have at least several strikers, midfielders, defenders, and at least 2 goalkeepers. It will never include only strikers players;
  4. Selection of players: Players who scored many goals and/or a hat-trick or those who have been assisting their teammates well for many matches have the best chance of appearing in the Team of the Week. Defenders who fulfilled their goals excellently and had many interventions and/or assisted/scored a goal are evaluated well.
  5. Selection of goalkeepers: TOTW usually includes goalkeepers who have kept a clean sheet for several games and/or showed great saves, saved a penalty kick in an important match, etc.

How to earn money on TOTW

When a player's TOTW card appears in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, their standard card is removed from packs for the entire week. Before you start buying players who can potentially appear in the Team of the Week, check the current FUT transfer market. Buy only players that are in demand, which means they frequently appear in online teams (are in the meta), especially before the FUT Champions weekend. Players, who are often used in Squad Battle Challenge mode may also be valued.

Some tasks in FUT 23 mode may require players to, for example, score a certain number of goals with the Silver TOTW player, so such cards (especially strikers) can come at very high prices.

Wait with selling the cards until the market clears them, which usually happens around Thursday or Friday, right before FUT Championship.

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