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FIFA 23: Chemistry - what it is, how it works, how to increase it? FIFA 23 Guide, Tips

When creating your dream team in FUT 23 mode, you have to pay attention to many factors, such as player attributes, but chemistry is equally important. Check out what chemistry is in FIFA 23, as well as how to increase it.

Last update: Thursday, September 1, 2022

On this page of the FIFA 23 guide, you will learn what chemistry is, what it depends on, and how to increase the chemistry factor in a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

What is Chemistry?

In FIFA 23, the team chemistry factor has been remodeled, so you will be able to create even better teams in FUT 23 mode. Chemistry plays a key role in terms of your players' capabilities and performance - it determines how well they will do during the match.

Each player can have 0 to 3 points of chemistry, and this bonus affects various player attributes. It is important to note here the fact that when a player has 0 points of chemistry, his attributes will be at exactly the same level as on the card.

How to increase chemistry?

Chemistry in FIFA 23 in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode, can be increased in several ways:

  1. Positioning: proper positioning on the field is the main requirement for receiving chemistry points (strikers on offense, midfielders in midfield, and defenders on the defensive line). Otherwise, the chemistry of the player in the wrong position will be 0. It is worth remembering that in FIFA 23, players can have up to 4 different preferred positions on the pitch, so you can change it depending on your needs.
  2. Relationships with other players: depending on how many players from your team represent the same club, league or nationality, they can receive from 1 to as many as 3 chemistry points
  3. Managers: any player representing the same nationality or league as the manager will receive 1 point of chemistry. You can't get 2 points for the same nationality and league.
  4. Special Cards: FUT Icons and Heroes will always have full chemistry when playing in their preferred positions on the field. Icons will add 2 points to the chemistry of players from the same country, while Heroes will add 1 point of chemistry to players of the same nationality and 2 points to players from the same league.

In FIFA 23, the connections between the different positions on the field have been removed, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. Just focus on the right positions of the players.

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