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FIFA 22 Guide

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FUT 22: Trading - basics FIFA 22 guide, tips

On this page of the FIFA 22 guide, you will find information about the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team transfer market.

Last update: Monday, October 11, 2021

On this page of the FUT 22 mode guide in FIFA 22, you will learn what the transfer market is and how it works.

The transfer market in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is a very important place. You will spend there a lot of time, so it is worth knowing how it works - the financial success of your club may depend on it. The transfer market allows you to earn coins by trading players' cards, managers' cards, and single-use cards.

Separate transfer markets for each platform

There is no cross-platform play in FIFA 22, which means that each platform (PS, Xbox, PC, Nintendo) has a separate transfer market. It should also be noted here that the prices of the cards put up for sale in different transfer markets can vary, sometimes by as much as tens of thousands of coins. For example, the same football player in the PS4/PS5 market may cost 50,000 coins, on Xbox 55,000 coins, and on 70,000 coins PC.

The main factor affecting the prices of cards is that more people play FIFA 22 on consoles (PS, Xbox) than on PC, which translates into the number of packs opened and more transfers on the market, thus affecting their price. It is also worth mentioning that PlayStation and Xbox are the main platforms for FIFA 22 tournaments.

When checking the card prices on the Internet, pay attention to which transfer market they apply to so that you don't sell a player at an undervalued price or buy him for too much.

Price ranges

The FUT 22 transfer market does not allow players to dictate their prices, as EA has set certain price ranges that apply across all platforms. The main goal of the developers is to control the transfer market, thus making it difficult to illegally buy and sell coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

  1. Seller: can't set the card price below its minimum or above its maximum price. For example, you can't list a regular gold card for less than 300 coins, but you also won't sell it for an inflated amount of, say, 100,000 coins;
  2. Buyer: cannot buy a card below its minimum price or for a price that is significantly different from its price limit. For example, you will not buy a TOTW card for 5,000 coins because the quick sale value of such a card is 10,000 coins. On the other hand, with this solution, there will never be a situation where you mistakenly buy a card for 150,000 coins when its maximum price was 100,000 coins.

It should be noted here that the price ranges of the cards can be updated throughout the entire season of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This means that footballers who may be out of the price range for most players at the beginning of the season can become affordable down the season.

If you want to check the current price range of a particular card, just list it on the transfer market.

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