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FIFA 22 Guide

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FUT 22: Money - how to make? FIFA 22 guide, tips

On this page of the FIFA 22 guide, we tell you how to cash in before release and build your first gold squad in FUT 22.

Last update: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

On this page of the guide to the FUT 22 game mode in FIFA 22 you'll learn how to use the FUT Web App and FIFA 22 Companion apps to earn lots of coins, which should allow you to quickly create your first gold squad and start the season off strong.

You'll need a very large amount of coins to create your first gold squad in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. You don't need to worry though, as even without early access to FIFA 22 and popular game modes (Squad Battle, Division Rivals) you can obtain all the money you need via the FUT Web App or FIFA 22 Companion apps, using the transfer market.

FUT 22 - basics

The start of each season in FIFA Ultimate Team is a race for coins, which are used to build a solid golded team. Below we've listed 10 simple steps which can make it easier for you to start off in FUT 22.

  1. Open the packs gifted to you (rewards for returning players). Even if you didn't play FUT 21 much and you get only one or two gold packs, there's still a chance they contain a really valuable starting player for FUT 22;
  2. Sell the unneeded cards on the transfer market, but keep the players you can use for the SBC (Squad Building Challenge). Focus on the players taking specific positions on the field: side defenders (LB, RB, LWB, RWB), side midfielders (LM, RM), wingers (RW, LW) and centre forwards (CF). These cards can be the most valuable;
  3. Don't sell one-time use cards like changing the player's position or changing the style of play. Starting off they'll be really cheap, and selling them on the FUT 22 transfer market is not worth it;
  4. While starting off, don't sell the well-known good players who were popular during the previous season or rare gold players with a high overall score (83), as their value will rise significantly after the official release of FIFA 22;
  5. Try to complete the simplest Squad Building Challenges (SBC) to gain extra packs and players;
  6. While looking for gold players on the transfer market, you must know that it will be difficult to obtain interesting players from popular football leaues: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1. If you're just starting off with FIFA Ultimate Team and don't have much to spend, look for interesting players from smaller leagues, such as CSL. Pay attention to their nationality, in order to combine these players with players from other leagues but still have a good team;
  7. Before you start hunting for specific player cards with the sniper method, make a list of the players you need. Don't try to constantly look for the same player, as it's possible he just won't appear on the market for a long time.
  8. Don't invest all your coins into a single player. At the beginning of a season in FUT 22 you need 11 strong players, not just a single one.
  9. Don't bid on one-time use cards, try to buy them for low cost with the sniper method. Many new players will have no idea how many coins to issue their cards and sell them for nothing;
  10. During the first days of the game don't sell your cards for a lower value just to earn coins quickly. You can find information on how much a card might be worth here.

Bronze pack method

The bronze pack method is the easiest earning method in FUT 22, so it's recommended for beginners who don't know how the transfer market in FIFA Ultimate Team works yet. This method involves buying the cheapest bronze pack and selling everything you find inside. You can earn a pretty penny if you get at least a single good card needed to complete an SBC (Squad Building Challenge).

Sell your players during 1-hour auctions, to guarantee they'll be as high up as possible on the transfer list.

Sniper method

After you earn a few thousand coins you'll be able to plan your first investments in FUT 22.

  1. Set your shopping budget, making sure it's no less than 2 000 coins. Then prepare a list of players you're interested in;
  2. Enter the transfer market, search for a specific player by entering their name and check how much can you buy him for - you're interested in the lowest available price;
  3. It's common that if someone wants to earn coins quickly, they'll start selling players for less than their market value. Go back to the view of the transfer market and enter the highest amount you're willing to pay for the specific player in the "Buy Now" box. For example, if the lowest possible offer for a card is currently 2 500 coins, try to buy it for 2 100 coins. Remember you must buy a player for less than his market price and then sell him with profit (while remembering about the 5% tax on each sale). In this case, if you managed to buy the card for 2 100 and then sell it for 2 500, you'd earn 275 coins.

The sniper method is very popular, so you need to be extremely vigilant and make the right decisions quickly. If you see a player being auctioned off for a few hundred coins below than his market value, buy him without hesitation. Then sell him for the lowest "Buy Now" price.

Squad Building Challenges (SBC);

The SBC (Squad Building Challenges) in FUT 22 allow you to make a pretty penny, as some of the challenges require specific players with correct parameters, like the specific nationality, league, position during play, card's rarity, a specific club. You can earn money thanks to the useful SBC players by buying them for a low cost and then putting them on sale for more. You can use this site to select useful players, as there you'll find all the players used to complete specific challenges.

Another good way to select specific players is looking up the SBC Challenge's name in the search engine and checking the solutions provided by other players.

Look for the needed players on the transfer market during the afternoon and evening (between 4 PM and 9 PM), then put them on sale during the night, on a few hours-long auction. Remember to check the transfer market each Monday, as then everyone gets their rewards for Squad Battles and sells the players they no longer need after FUT Champions.

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