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FIFA 22 Guide

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FIFA 22: Beginner's guide FIFA 22 guide, tips

From this page you will learn how to get into a match well in FIFA 22, including how to pass, shoot and receive the ball effectively.

Last update: Monday, September 20, 2021

Here you will find a set of starting tips for FIFA 22. We have prepared various tips and tricks that are mainly intended for novice players.


Always try to plan your passes in advance and execute them with the right timing so that the ball doesn't land behind the receiver's back, interrupting them and disrupting the flow of the game. If the ball lands behind a player's back, at best you will have to go back for it, and at worst you will risk a counter attack.

There are many types of passes available in FIFA 22, so it's important to choose the correct pass for the current situation. For example, if there is a large group opposing players on the right side of the pitch, lob the ball to the other side of the field.


The classic lob cross is usually the best solution to land the ball into the penalty area towards the running strikers. However, remember not to kick the ball too hard, or your strikers may be unable to reach it or jump high enough to aim the ball into the goal.


In FIFA 22, you can shoot in a variety of ways - finesse, flair, so-called time your shots and standard shots. If you are new to FIFA 22, the classic power shot will be the easiest and usually the most effective way to land the ball into the opponent's goal.

Free kicks

When taking free kicks, look for a free player who is not covered by an opposing player. Alternatively, aim the ball under the running player's feet so they can easily run up to it.

When taking corner kicks, depending on the situation, you can call another player to the corner or shoot the ball into the penalty area.

If you want to shoot on goal when taking a free kick, make sure you choose a player who has high skills and use their stronger foot to shoot.


In order to start an attack, you will have to get the ball first, which isn't all that easy, so it's always a good idea to fight for the ball lobbed by the goalkeeper towards the middle of the field in order to pass it to one of your own players. Use all available means when creating an offensive action - combine short passes with wall passes, shift the weight of the game to the other half of the pitch, shoot through balls in between defenders, use wingers to attack, etc.


When playing defense in FIFA 22, it's extremely important to switch players effectively so that you are right next to the opponent's attacking player. When trying to steal the ball, we recommend using the standard passing method - this is the safest and usually the most effective way to stop strikers. All you have to do is get close to your target and press the correct button (X on PS).

Only use headers when you are sure you will not foul your opponent. There's no point in risking a red card and losing one of your players.

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