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FUT 21: Web App - How to make money before the game release? FIFA 21 guide, tips

This chapter of the FIFA 21 game guide describes how to use the FUT Web App to earn a lot of coins to create your first gold squad in FUT 21 mode and start the season well.

To create the best possible gold budget team for the FUT 21 launch, you'll need a lot of coins. An additional complication is the fact that before FIFA 21 is released, you don't have the ability to make money using in-game gameplay modes, such as Squad Battles or Division Rivals. You have to collect all the money you need in the FUT Web App, i.e. using the transfer market and taking into account the transaction tax. Below is a description of the tax mechanism that governs the transfer market in FUT 21 and some of the earning methods that bring the most benefits. We also hint at 10 simple steps to start the season well in FUT 21.

FUT 21 - first 10 steps

The start of each season in FIFA Ultimate Team mode is a real race to get as many coins as possible to use to build the first solid gold eleven. Below is a list of 10 simple steps that can make getting started on FUT 21 easier.

  1. Open the boosters you received as a gift the so-called awards for returning players. Even if you haven't played a lot in FUT 20 and you only get one or two gold boosters you always have a chance to get a valuable player to start in FUT 21 or sell the cards received;
  2. Place unnecessary cards on the transfer market, but keep the players who might be useful to perform the SBC (Squad Building Challenge). Pay particular attention to cards with positions of side defenders (LB ,RB, LWB, RWB), side midfielders (LM, RM), wingers (RW, LW) and central attackers (CF) - these cards may have the most value;
  3. Don't sell consumable cards like a change in player position, a change in play style - within the first few days their price will be terribly low and it doesn't pay to put them out in the transfer market;
  4. Don't sell in the early days very good famous footballers who were popular last season and rare gold players with a high overall rating (83), because their price will jump significantly after the FIFA 21 World Cup.;
  5. Try to complete the simplest Squad Building Challenges( SBC) to gain extra boosters and players;
  6. When looking for Golden footballers in the transfer market, you have to count on the fact that the hardest thing is to get interesting players from the most popular football leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1. If you don't have big funds look for interesting players from minor football leagues such as the CSL. Also pay attention to their nationality so you can combine these players with players from other leagues but still have a good team;
  7. Before you start hunting for the cards of specific players using the sniper method, first make the right list of players you need. Don't search for the same footballer all the time because it may happen that a given name will not appear in the transfer market for a long time. In that case, you'll quickly change search filters to try and get the next contestant on the list.;
  8. Don't invest all your earned money in one footballer because you need exactly 11 solid players to start, not one individual;
  9. Don't bid on consumable cards but try to hunt them down for low money using the sniper method. Many new players will have no idea how many coins to issue their cards and sell them for nothing;
  10. In the early days, don't underestimate the value of your cards just to earn Coins quickly. You can find information on how much a card might be worth here.

FUT 21 transfer market tax - how to calculate it?

Everyone will definitely want to get as many coins as possible for the cards on the market, but in the course of selling them you have to pay attention to a very important thing, which is the tax on the operation carried out. For every successful transaction (card sale) carried out on the transfer market in FUT 21, the player receives 95% of the amount and 5% is the tax, so each transaction must be carefully thought through and recalculated so that it does not end in a loss. For example, if you make a small transaction like buying a card for 1,000 coins and selling for 1,100 coins you will earn only 45 coins (65 will incur tax), but when you buy a player for 100,000 and sell for 101,000 you will lose 4,050 coins on this transaction! Why?

  1. You bought a player for 100,000 coins;
  2. You put him back on the transfer market for 101,000 coins;
  3. For a successful transaction you get 95% of the price, i.e. 95 950 coins (tax was 5 050 coins);
  4. The loss on this transaction is 4,050 coins.

Before making any deal in the FUT 21 transfer market, consider whether it will be profitable. This is particularly important when dealing with large amounts of coins. If you have any doubts about the price of a given card, you can find the current value here.

Earning coins - the brown booster method

The brown booster method is the easiest of the coin-earning methods in FUT 21 and is recommended for novice players who are not yet familiar with the transfer market. This method involves buying the cheapest brown booster and selling everything in it. Hitting at least one good card can earn you a lot of money, as some brown players are used for SBC (Squad Building Challenges) tasks. The players are auctioned off for one hour to keep them as high as possible on the transfer list.

Earning coins - the sniper method

By logging into the FUT Web APP, FUT 21 Companion or simply entering the game and opening the first packages you probably received as a returning player award and/or by purchasing the corresponding edition of FIFA 21 you will be able to start planning your first investments.

  1. First, set the amount you can spend on purchases, but no less than 2,000 coins, and then prepare a list of players who are in your circle of interest.
  2. Go to the transfer market, enter the name of a particular player and see how many coins you can buy at any given time - you are interested in the cheapest possible price;
  3. It is highly likely that players looking to make money quickly will start putting players below market price. Go back to the view of the transfer market, and in the "Buy Now" box enter the appropriate maximum amount you want to pay for a player. For example, if the cheapest possible offer of a card is currently 2,000 coins try to enter 1,800 coins. Remember that you have to buy a player below the market price and then put them out at a profit (including 5% tax). In this particular case, if you could buy a card for 1,800 and sell it for 2,000 coins, the profit would be 100 coins.

The sniper method is very popular so you have to be extremely vigilant and make the right decisions quickly. If you see a player auctioned at a few hundred coins cheaper, buy him without hesitation. Next, put him on sale for as much as the lowest "Buy Now" Price.

Earning coins - useful players for Team Building Challenges (SBC)

In the SBC mode (Squad Building Challenges), you can make a lot of money, because you will need specific players with the right parameters, like the right nationality, the right League, the position on the pitch, the rare card, the right club to perform some of the tasks. The method of earning useful players a Squad-Building Challenge is to buy selected players for relatively low money and expose them for a higher amount. You can use this page, for example, to select useful players, where you can find all players who are used for specific challenges. Another good way to select specific players is to enter the name of the challenge (preferably in English) into a search engine and check the solutions given by other players.

{ramkazielona}Look for footballers in the transfer market in the afternoon (between 4pm and 9pm) and sell in a few hours-long auction at night. The transfer market is also worth a look every Monday, as all players receive rewards for results achieved throughout the week in the Squad Battle Mode.{ramkazielona}

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