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Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide by

Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide

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Earning money Farming Simulator 15 Guide

Working all the time, you should take a moment to relax... - Earning money - Other - Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide
Working all the time, you should take a moment to relax...

The development of your farm depends directly on the money you have. The case is simple: the more cash you own, the sooner you can buy new machines, which will increase the efficiency of your work and therefore make your crops bigger - earning you more money. What to do, to earn as much as possible? Here's a list of a few ways to do that:

- Grow plants - this is the first way of earning money, as you own all the necessary equipment from the beginning. Try to make sure that appropriate machines are always working on your fields. Invest when it's necessary, but do it wisely - don't purchase any machines that you don't need and require daily maintenance.

- Sell crops - this is fairly obvious - the crop that you harvest should be sold. However, do that only when the price is satisfying, in the shop, in which you will get the highest price. You can also wait until one of the shops announces increased demand.

- Complete missions - the equipment required to start completing mowing missions is rather cheap and the investment will pay off after 1 or 2 missions. A tractor with a front loader is more expensive, but it will be useful in the future as well and will also pay off after a few missions. Later in the game, delivery missions can bring you very high profits, because of the large bonuses.

- Start animal husbandry - a well developed animal farm requires some time, but may bring considerable profits. Start with chickens, to slowly move to sheep, which don't require much attention. Eventually, start a cow husbandry. Keeping cows is very time-consuming (especially at the beginning), but it will pay off.

- Place objects - when you have some more money, don't just rest on your laurels. Placing objects will bring high profits, especially when talking about solar collectors and wind energy converters, which doesn't require any attention.

- Cut trees - this business can be started with fairly small capital. At the beginning, cutting will be arduous and time-consuming, but it is a good way to earn a lot of money.

- Produce biogas - when already owning a well-prospering farm, you can earn even more by producing and selling silage.

- Find all the coins - the reward for collecting all 100 gold coins will be filling up your silos and warehouse. Selling the supply you obtain this way will bring you a huge amount of cash.

- Sell machines directly - it is easy to forget about the possibility of selling machines directly at the shop. Sometimes you will buy new equipment and the old machines won't be of use anymore - don't sell them automatically, through the menu, but drive to the shop instead and place them in the appropriate spot. You can sell implements the same way - just detach them from a machine and place in the same spot.

A fast way to make money

Modern farmers money factory. - Earning money - Other - Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide
Modern farmer's money factory.

If you don't want to work too much, you can use an easy way to earn a lot of money. It is not very "elegant", but in 100% fair with the rules of the game.

You just need to:

- sell all your machines;

- buy objects that don't require your attention and bring constant profits (beehouse, solar collector, wind energy converter);

- set 120x game speed;

- leave the game to itself for a long time.

This way you won't need to do anything and the objects will generate profit every day.

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