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Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide by

Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide

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Further development - specialization Farming Simulator 15 Guide

One is happy when buying expensive tractors... - Further development - specialization - Basics - Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide
One is happy when buying expensive tractors...

When you've set the basis for becoming an agricultural tycoon, the further development should steady. Continue to grow grain, as you have the appropriate equipment for that and selling it wouldn't be viable. In later stages of the game, you can start to grow sugar beets and potatoes, breed animals, produce biogas or cut wood. It depends on you, in which direction will your business go. Generally, there are several options.

- Further growing grain - no matter of what you want to do next, you should continue to grow grain. You have the right tools to work efficiently and profitably, so do not abandon this activity too quickly.

- Growing sugar beets or potatoes - this activity, when done the "proper" way, requires expensive equipment. However, switching to these plants will bring you bigger profits, which makes this business more viable than growing grain. Try to earn the money that you need and start growing beets and potatoes when the moment is right. It is a good idea to also continue to sow grain, which will make your business more varied.

- Animal husbandry - at this stage, you can forget about chickens, but sheep and cows will bring you some good money. To make this business more efficient, you will need a few new machines. You will also need straw, so it is a good option for farm with high grain production.

- Biogas production - When you already have a lot of cash, you can make even more by selling silage. It requires some expensive equipment, but the investment will pay off quickly. If you're focusing on earning money in the game, you can abandon all the other businesses and concentrate on this one.

- Woodcutting - a bit troublesome, but with the best gear available, the work goes fast and brings large profits. However, here, you have to do everything yourself, which makes working in the woods very absorbing. You can therefore stop all the other activities, as you can make a good living on wood cutting.

- Placing objects - strictly speaking, it is not a specialization, but it is a good supplement for all the above activities. You need to wait some time for the investments to pay off, but the profits are stable and you can really feel them - when you have too much cash, buy some solar collectors or even wind energy converters. is happy when his cattle are happy. - Further development - specialization - Basics - Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide is happy when his cattle are happy.

As you can see, there is a lot of options, when it comes to further developing the farm, each one being time and money-consuming. You shouldn't try everything at once as you will have trouble getting all the necessary equipment. Instead, you should choose your specialization and make it as efficient and profitable as you can. Then, you can start new businesses. Remember also that some of these activities are connected to each other - for example, you cannot breed animals without hay. It is good to make your farm more varied, by watch out not to overdo it - when taking up to many things, you risk not being able to coordinate them properly.

Remember about setting a goal - in Farming Simulator 15, there are no requirements to achieve victory, so the game can last forever. Fulfilling one task after another (for example - first buying a sprayer, later - having 100 cows or a wind energy converter) will let you plan the development of the farm and will give you a lot of satisfaction, when you complete these goals.

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