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Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide by

Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide

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Buying a sprayer Farming Simulator 15 Guide

The cultivator should finish its work first, so send it onto field no. 24 and get it to work there. Next, sell the crop and get the harvester ready near field no. 38. When waiting for the plants to grow, consider buying some new equipment.

A sprayer may be a big expenditure at the beginning. - Buying a sprayer - Basics - Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide
A sprayer may be a big expenditure at the beginning.

There's however one problem - the sprayer, as this is the machine you should buy now, costs 29000$ and you - as for now - don't have such money. Nevertheless, it is a machine that is necessary for the development of your farm, as you will earn twice as much on sprayed plants. This investment will pay back very fast and you can obtain the money you need in several ways.

The first and the easiest way is to simply get a loan and buy the machine. If you want to save this option for later, there are other ways of getting the money.

- Selling your worst tractor - spraying the fields is very fast due to the range of the sprayer, so you can change the tractors that you use (the best option is the one with the trailer). It will allow to go on with the work in a steady pace and you will earn the money to buy sprayer. Remember to sell the machine directly at the store, as you will earn 20% more money this way. You will get 22200$, which is 3700$ more than when you would sell it through the menu. As you can see, this option is much more profitable.

- Selling the supplies - possible only on easy and normal level of difficulty. There's a high chance that an increased demand announcement will appear at the time when you need to but a sprayer. It is a great occasion for you to earn even twice as much than usually. After receiving such announcement, load the trailer and go to the appropriate store. If no store announces increased demand, you will have to sell some more or wait with purchasing the sprayer.

- Waiting for the harvest - you will earn quite a nice amount of money on the crops from field no. 38, which will be ready for harvest soon. It won't be enough to buy the sprayer, but when you additionally sell some of your supplies, it will certainly do. If you play on higher level of difficulty and don't want to sell a tractor, you have no other option than to take a loan and sell more unsprayed crops.

Before using the sprayer, you have to refill it. - Buying a sprayer - Basics - Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide
Before using the sprayer, you have to refill it.

When you have enough money, but the sprayer. It will appear in front of the store, so you will have to go there with a tractor (you can also reset the sprayer, which will make it appear on your farm). To make the machine ready for working, you have to fill it up using the fertilizer tank - it costs about 600$. In the future, consider buying an extra tank attached to the front, which will allow you to work longer (the cost of the tank is about 5500$).

Spraying the field takes only a few whiles. - Buying a sprayer - Basics - Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide
Spraying the field takes only a few whiles.

The sprayer is ready to work now. Go to the field on which you've sowed recently (it's a good idea to join fields no. 24 and 29 into one, so they require less attention). Spread the wings of the sprayer and place it on the field in such way that you cover as much land as you can, in order to not waste the liquid in your tank. After setting up the sprayer, switch it on and start working. You have to do this task yourself, as you cannot hire a worker to do it. Fortunately, it is not a time-consuming task, thanks to the wide range. Remember to spray all the fields on which you've sowed.

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