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Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips by

Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

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Grass, hay, silage, straw Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

The grass dries and turns into hay, which is good for animals. You can store it during winter. In Seasons 19, however, it isn't as easy - the grass dries in stages, and the pace and" quality " are mainly affected by the weather. If you don't dry the grass fast enough, it can rot. As in the basic version of Farming Simulator 19, the grass can be dried and turned into hay, converted into silage in prisms or it can be sold after baling and foliating but only as silage.

Now, the time it takes to turn the grass into silage - foliated or in prisms - is one stage of the season (each season is divided into 3 stages - the time necessary for moving from one to another is enough for the grass to convert; the longer the season (in days, depending on your settings), the more time you will need.

Depending on the weather, this process can be easier or more difficult to do. If you mow dry grass (with low humidity), you don't have to scatter it - just leave it in the sun to start the process of turning it into hay. If, however, the grass was wet, it needs to be scattered. If it starts raining on dry grass, you will have to scatter it, too. If it is dry for a long time, the grass will rot.

  1. Besides the sun and the temperature, the wind is also important for the drying rate of the grass.
  2. The newly cut grass that is still wet will not begin to rot until the second night after it was mowed.
  3. If the hay gets wet, it must also dry. Otherwise, it will rot.
  4. In addition, straw that gets wet can rot.
  5. The grass is considered "wet" when its moisture is below 20% - this grass doesn't need to be scattered, you can leave it until it dries.
The grass in the picture above has moisture at 9% (<20%); measured with MT9 device from the store. - Grass, hay, silage, straw - Seasons 19 - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips
The grass in the picture above has moisture at 9% (<20%); measured with MT9 device from the store.

Straw and hay can be kept under a roof to protect them from the rain and not let them rot provided they are dry. Wet resources left in a dump will start to rot. The grass will always rot - even if you place it under a roof.

Important note! From now on you cannot sell grass (at all); the same goes for "powdered" hay or straw that wasn't bailed.

Be careful with grass bailing. This is a completely useless procedure if you are not going to wrap it with a film to create a silage. Bailed grass won't dry and turn into hay nor it can't be sold.

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