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Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips by

Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

Table of Contents

Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Seasons, weather Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

Last update: Monday, May 4, 2020

Seasons 19 introduces seasons and weather changes to Farming Simulator 19. During each season you work in the field, so the gameplay is not so casual - it requires strategy and planning. You start new game in the fall, harvest time, and you have no way to change the starting season.

Features of the seasons

Depending on the seasons, you should plan other work in your fields:

  1. Spring - plowing / growing, fertilizing, and spraying against weeds (acts prophylactically!).
  2. Summer - spraying, harvest (some plants, if you have time to grow), lawn mowing.
  3. Autumn - harvest (for slow growing plants), plowing / cultivation, fertilization, sowing (only some plants should be sown / planted in autumn), spraying.
  4. Winter is the time of winter, you don't work in the field. It's time to take care of the animals, mainly with the help of what you managed to sow and harvest. Remember that in winter you cannot collect herbs! In addition, you can engage in forestry and maintaining machines that now wear out faster and require more frequent repairs.

Know that the duration of the day depends on the time of year, as in real life. By default, each season has 3 stages, so if you want to change the duration of the year, there must be a minimum of 12 days (4 seasons x 3 stages each). Maximum 96 days (24 days at any time of the year). In addition, you should know that, just like in the real world, days are longer during the summer and they shorten when we get closer to winter. {ramkazielona}To change the length of the year, use the mod menu, which is activated by default using the Alt + S keys or the L1 + Options on the pad).{/ramkazielona}


The calendar will help you with organizing your work introduced to the game as part of the mod (Alt + S / L1 + Options) - Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Seasons, weather - Seasons 19 - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

The calendar will help you with organizing your work introduced to the game as part of the mod (Alt + S / L1 + Options). In the calendar on the top panel you should see the current season, divided into 3 stages, the duration of which can be changed in the next tab. This will affect the duration of the whole year. Brown bars show when you can plant plants, blue - when to harvest them.

This means that for example Wheat can be sown in spring, at the end of summer and in fall. If you sow it this year or the previous year, it must go through all stages of growth, but you cannot harvest it before the last stage of summer, and not later than the first stage of winter.

On the left you can see the types of crops and temperature: the minimum temperature of the soil at which the plant should be planted, while you need to monitor the timing - if you do not do this in the specified period of time of year, the plant can grow, but will not Mature for collection. If the plant does not germinate (which is a condition of maintaining optimal temperature for several days), you will lose them. Some plants, like sunflower, require a higher temperature than wheat, so the timing of sowing changes.

The calendar form is constant for each climate (GEO mods). So every year, for every map and every game save file, the calendar looks the same until you install a different GEO mod.

The main thing to remember about the weather:

  1. Sow / plant only when temperature is high. Plants have to sprout- if the temperature is too low, it does not happen.
  2. Plants can die due to frosts and prolonged periods of bad weather or drought.
  3. Plants have varied immunity, which increases with their growth stage.
  4. If you're going to mow the grass, make sure it doesn't rain soon - the wet grass should dry after cutting. If the weather is unfavorable, and the grass does not have time to dry, it will rot, and all your work will be for nothing.
  5. Remember that the forecasts are not always 100% accurate - the longer the period you're trying to forecast, the less accurate it is. In addition, the weather can change even several times during one day.
  6. It is not recommended to use too high time acceleration (over the standard acceleration), so as not to disrupt the calendar.

Information about the current weather, temperature, time of year and what day it is at a certain time will appear next to the clock at the top,

Weather forecast

The second tab in the Seasons 19 mod menu shows the weather forecast for the coming days - Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Seasons, weather - Seasons 19 - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

The second tab in the Seasons 19 mod menu shows the weather forecast for the coming days. Remember that the forecast is never sure, and its credibility decreases with time. At the top of the screen you will see more hours and days for which the weather is expected. Going down, you can see the cloudiness and expected temperatures - it is on their basis to decide what you can plant on your field with minimum risk.

More stats like "Precipitation (mm) / (%)" indicate how many millimeters of rain can fall on a particular day and what is the probability that the phenomenon of rain in general may occur. In the next row, you can see the wind speed and "Drying potential", i.e. the total influence of factors (wind, temperature, sunshine) on the drying of the grass. If it is unfavorable throughout the day, maybe you will be able to collect hay the next day; but if it starts to rain, it should dry again, and in the worst case, will begin to decompose.

Wind. It can have a certain force and direction. This is not particularly important for the player, especially because the player has no influence on the weather behavior. Wind, by contrast, affects the efficiency of wind turbines and can cause them to shut down when it's too strong, so your passive income can vary slightly overnight. It also affects the speed of grass drying and its transformation into hay.

Susceptibility of plants to weather changes

When planning the choice of plants for sowing this year, it is necessary to offer temperature, and it is also necessary to take into account the strength of plants for weather changes.

The left side of the table shows the resistance of the plant to cold in the subsequent stages of development - Farming Simulator 19: Seasons 19 - Seasons, weather - Seasons 19 - Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips

The left side of the table shows the resistance of the plant to cold in the subsequent stages of development. Note that most plants do not have, or have very little resistance in the last phase of development when ready for harvest. This means that in late autumn or winter, if you do not harvest, it is likely that you can permanently lose them.

The right side of the table indicates the resistance of plants to drought. This is less important for the further stage of the game, if the course is monitored the state of hydration of the fields - you can always irrigate them yourself. More care should be taken not to sow / plant plants in too dry ground.

When the temperature drops below 32*F / 0*C, the probability of frost damage to plants increases. Drought damage increases when soil moisture drops below 12%.


And now a brief summary of the main changes in the Seasons 19 mod, and how to adjust to them. When deciding to grow plants, you need to consider:

  1. Their usefulness (in animal husbandry, if any),
  2. Market value based on market valuation,
  3. The chances of growth, assuming the weather for the season, the timing of planting and harvesting, as well as heat resistance of plants,
  4. Before planting, monitor the state of soil hydration and current temperature,
  5. For some fields, determine the crop rotation described in the chapter about crops, that is, determine which types of plants you should plant to optimize the volume of crop.

Now every decision has to be thought out, planned and you have to stick to that plan. It is also worth having several small fields instead of one / two large ones.

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