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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

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Crafting in Far Cry New Dawn Far Cry New Dawn Guide and Walkthrough

In Far Cry: New Dawn, crafting is necessary if you want to use the best gear. Even the most difficult enemies won't drop weapons as powerful as those that can be crafted. This page focuses on the process of crafting new items. Here, you can learn how to use crafting and how to get crafting materials.

What can I craft?

Vehicle Workbench allows you to make new vehicles. - Crafting in Far Cry New Dawn - Game basics - Far Cry New Dawn Guide
Vehicle Workbench allows you to make new vehicles.

You can craft a few different things - some items can be crafted in the equipment menu, while others require special workbenches.

  1. Consumables - medkits, explosives, baits or throwing knives. You can craft them in the inventory screen.
  2. Ammunition - you can craft it by visiting traders, at the Weapon and Vehicle Workbenches.
  3. Weapons - they require a Weapon Workbench. You can find it in Prosperity or in liberated outposts.
  4. Vehicles - you can build new vehicles at a Vehicle Workbench. They are in Prosperity and liberated outposts.

How to get crafting materials?

One of the ways to get crafting materials is to trade skins. - Crafting in Far Cry New Dawn - Game basics - Far Cry New Dawn Guide
One of the ways to get crafting materials is to trade skins.

You need crafting materials to craft items and build vehicles. Below you can find a few ways of getting materials:

  1. Exploration - crafting materials are everywhere. Plants grown near rivers, lakes, roads and inside caves. Enemy outposts always have dozens of crafting materials for weapons and vehicles. You should also loot corpses.
  2. Hunting animals - you can trade animal skins (at traders and workbenches) for crafting materials. Every skin is worth something but those looted from rare animals will give you more crafting materials.
  3. Fishing - after unlocking Fishing Rod perk, go to a nearby fishing spot and start fishing. Fish can also be traded for crafting materials.
  4. Supply convoys - enemy trucks with supplies are roaming the roads. If you kill a driver of one of them, the content of that truck will be yours - you get ammo and crafting materials. The game marks these trucks for you (within 100 meters radius).
  5. Supply drops - this is another way of getting resources. The game shows locations of nearby supply drops - approach those chests and take materials.

Do you want to learn more about the ways of getting crafting materials? Check out these pages:

  1. Hunting - where to look for animals?
  2. Fishing - how to catch fish?
  3. Convoys with supplies - how to capture enemy truck?
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