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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

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Hunting | Side activities in Far Cry New Dawn Far Cry New Dawn Guide and Walkthrough

Hunting in Far Cry: New Dawn is a side activity with a complex mechanic. You can do it regardless of whether you are in the middle of a mission or exploring the world. This chapter contains the most important information about this activity.

Far Cry: New Dawn also allows players to go fishing. This activity has been described on a separate page.

General tips

This part contains information on hunting in Far Cry: New Dawn. You will also learn how to prepare yourself for hunting.

  1. There are two main goals of hunting. The first is to complete certain challenges. The second goal is to trade skins. You can exchange them for resources. The type of received resource and its amount depends on the animal's species.
  2. There aren't any missions related to hunting - you can do it at any point of the game.
  3. If you are travelling with Timber, the dog will start barking when it detects an animal. The dog can also chase or kill the animal you are tracking. This means you have to kill that animal before Timber does.
  4. A sniper rifle is the best type of weapon for hunting. It allows you to kill animals from far away, reducing the chance of scaring an animal off.
  5. Skins can get damaged. If an animal died from the fire or was hit with a vehicle, its skin will get damaged. These skins aren't worth anything.

How to track wild animals?

In Far Cry: New Dawn, animals are found in every part of the map. Each species has its own area. After finding a hunting ground, the game will mark this place for you on the map. You can find hunting grounds in two ways:

  1. During free exploration. You will usually find them away from the roads. There are also signs placed near roads informing you which animal species you can encounter here.
A road sign informing you that this area is inhabited by wild dogs. - Hunting | Side activities in Far Cry New Dawn - Side activities - Far Cry New Dawn Guide
A road sign informing you that this area is inhabited by wild dogs.
  1. Travelling merchants sell maps with hunting grounds of specific animals. After purchasing one of these maps, you will learn about all hunting grounds of that specific species.

Where can I sell skins?

You can sell skins in two places:

  1. In captured outposts. Use the console that allows you to call for a vehicle, and find the option to sell skins.
1 - Hunting | Side activities in Far Cry New Dawn - Side activities - Far Cry New Dawn Guide
  1. The second way is to trade with travelling merchants. You can find them in various parts of Hope County. They are marked with a special green icon. Besides selling them skins, you can purchase maps of hunting grounds.
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