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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

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Convoys with supplies in Far Cry New Dawn Far Cry New Dawn Guide and Walkthrough

During your exploration of Hope County in Far Cry: New Dawn, you can come across hostile convoys. Depending on their type, captured convoys give you various benefits. This chapter contains information about these convoys.

Convoys appear on the map randomly. It is impossible to determine where you should go to encounter them. However, the most probable place where you can find them are roads near outposts.

Types of convoys

There are three types of convoys - those transporting ethanol, supplies, or hostages. Each one of them gives you different profits:

  1. Every rescued hostage gives you a perk point.
  2. Some trucks are transporting supplies necessary in building vehicles or crafting weapons.
A supply convoy. - Convoys with supplies in Far Cry New Dawn - Side activities - Far Cry New Dawn Guide
A supply convoy.
  1. Trucks with ethanol will provide you with good supplies of this resource. You need to drive a truck with ethanol to the nearest captured outpost or straight to Prosperity.

The game will inform you that you are close to a convoy by displaying the right icon. It will show you an estimated direction and distance from that convoy.

Capturing convoys

Capturing convoys requires precision. The trucks are on a move which means you have to eliminate their driver. The most efficient method is to drive next to a truck and shoot a single bullet at a driver's head. This will kill the enemy instantly. The truck will stop after a few meters.

You can also encounter guarded convoys - Convoys with supplies in Far Cry New Dawn - Side activities - Far Cry New Dawn Guide

You can also encounter guarded convoys. Besides killing the driver, you will also have to eliminate the guards. They will stop near the truck and start attacking you. You can use one of the two tactics.

The first tactic is to fight. The safest way to do that is to hide behind a good cover. You can't find any covers, you can always hide behind your vehicle.

Another method is to run away. If the enemy is too strong, get inside the truck and drive away. The bandits won't be able to catch you.

What next?

After capturing a truck, you can get its resources. The way of getting them depends on the type of convoy:

  1. A truck with hostages requires you to approach it from behind and open the door. This will reward you with perk points.
  2. A truck with supplies has a box on its side that opens the trailer. Use it to get inside.
  3. A truck with ethanol must be delivered to the nearby outpost. Once you reach the destination, exit the vehicle to receive ethanol supplies.
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