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Far Cry 6 Guide

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Far Cry 6: Amigos - list, general information Far Cry 6 guide, walkthrough

This Far Cry 6 guide page contains basic information about the Amigos, or pet animals in the game, including a list of all Amigos.

Last update: Wednesday, December 1, 2021

This page of the Far Cry 6 game guide contains the most important information about Amigos - pets available in the game with whom you can travel together. We've compiled a list of all pets and described the general aspects of traversing Yara along with animal companions.

All pets - list

In Far Cry 6, you can choose among a maximum of 6 Amigos. Below you will find a list of available pets and individual Amigos are described in more detail on the following pages of this guide:

  1. Guapo (crocodile)
  2. Chorizo (dachshund)
  3. Chicharron (rooster)
  4. Boom Boom (mutt)
  5. Oluso
  6. K-9000 (cybernetic dog) - This pet is part of the DLC and is only available in the season pass. It comes with the Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition, but you can also purchase it separately.

General aspects of using Amigos

1 - Far Cry 6: Amigos - list, general information - Amigos - pets - Far Cry 6 Guide
  1. Not all Amigos are accessible from the very start of the game. In the early stages of the campaign, you'll get access to the first pet, Guapo, but you'll have to put in more effort to unlock more Amigos. You will find instructions on how to unlock more pets on separate pages describing them.
  2. You can only travel with one pet at a time in the game. You can select them from the Amigos tab and once you have summoned an Amigo, some time must pass before you can swap it out for another active pet.
  3. Amigos come in two main varieties - the combat Amigos are a type of pet that excels at attacking enemies, while the stealth Amigos specialise in distracting opponents or obtaining resources, among other things. They, too, are able to fight back, but they aren't effective fighters.
  4. You can unlock 3 abilities for each Amigo to gain new traits. In order to access each ability, you must complete the associated challenge (e.g. have the Amigo defeat or tag a certain number of opponents).
  5. You can give pets simple commands in the game by pressing right on the d-pad. You can command the Amigos to attack/distract/go somewhere (single button press) or call them over to you (button hold).
  6. The protagonist's companion Amigo can't permanently die. If it loses all its health, it will fall to the ground, but there's no risk of permanently losing your companion. You can manually "revive" the pet, or simply ignore it and continue playing on your own - in this case, the Amigo will return to full health on its own after some time passes.
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