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Fallout 3 Game Guide

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Andale, The National Archives, Arefu | Main locations Fallout 3 Guide



- A very interesting miniquest is tied to this location. Once you've arrived at Andale explore two houses, occupied by the Smith's and the Wilson's. You can talk to the owners of the houses if you want to. After that locate a house owned by Harris. The old man will advise you to leave Andale immediately, because of the stranger occurrences in the area. If you want to find out what the secret of both families is, check basements of their homes or an abandoned shack (screen). You can break into each room with your lockpicking skill or you can use a key. The easiest way to obtain the key is to explore bedrooms of each of two houses, however you can also acquire a key from Megaton - Moriarty's saloon. You would have to gain access to a small supply room. The most dangerous way is to steal one from the members of both families.

Go inside one of the basements or explore the shack. You're going to make a shocking discovery. Try leaving the room and you're going to be surrounded by both families. You've got several choices here. You can ally yourself with the cannibals and allow them to continue capturing wastelanders and eating them. If you choose this outcome, it would be wise to betray Harris by saying that he was the one who wanted you to see this. Linda Smith would also give a very unusual gift - a strange meat pie.

If you decide to fight the cannibals, make sure that you focus on eliminating enemies equipped with more powerful weapons. Once you've killed members of moth families go back to the old man Harris and talk to him. You'll find out that he has decided to raise the children on his own.

AREAS OF INTEREST - Andale, The National Archives, Arefu - Main locations - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The National Archives


- Explore the main hall of The National Archives and you should be able to find a terminal. You'll be allowed to participate in a contest that will put your knowledge of American history to a test. There are eight different questions you must answer before collecting a reward. Here are the correct answers: Question one - Second Continental Congress; Question two - Thirteen; Question three - John Hancock; Question four - 56; Question five - Ratification; Question six - King George III; Question seven - Happiness; Question eight - Thomas Jefferson. Confirm that you want to collect a reward. Close this terminal and proceed to a nearby computer. Use the voucher and choose your prize. You can take glamorously grape mentats (improved charisma), brilliantly berry mentats (improved intelligence) or observantly orange mentats (improved perception).



- If you've been able to achieve a positive outcome to Blood Ties side quest you will be awarded with some new interactions with the villagers in Arefu. Evan King will grant you with rewards each day, including ammunition, grenades and mines. Karen Schenzy will mark new locations on your Pip-Boy. Ken Ewers will offer to repair your items for a small prize.


- Ken Ewers (Arefu - Ewers residence) - repairing items

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