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Megaton: Blood ties | Side quests Fallout 3 Guide

Megaton: Blood ties

Received from: Lucy West [Megaton]

Solution: You can find Lucy in one of three locations. She spends most of her free time inside Moriarty's saloon. You can also bump into her while exploring streets of Megaton. Finally, you can visit Lucy West's house which can be found near your potential house in Megaton. Lucy will ask you to do her a favor. She needs a letter to be delivered to her parents. You may leave Megaton. Lucy's parents are living in Arefu which is located to the north. I guess you may have some problems finding it. Look for a large bridge and you'll get there. Ignore the fact that you're going to be attacked by Evan King while trying to get to the village, because he thought you were one of the hostiles. Talk to the old man and you'll find out that the villagers are having problems with members of the Family. Evan will ask you to check all houses to make sure that citizens of Arefu are doing OK.

There are three houses for you to check - Megaton: Blood ties - Side quests - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

There are three houses for you to check. Thankfully, there's nothing you should be worried about, because inhabitants of Arefu won't be hostile towards you. Find an ammo stash near Evan and start the tour once you've acquired ammunition. Go to Arefu - Ewers residence. You can only knock at the door at first, but if you play this out correctly you're going to be let inside. Talk to Ken Ewers and to his wife Brailee. Once you know everything is fine leave this residence and proceed to the next one. Go to Arefu - Schenzy residence. Just as before, you must knock on the door and wait for the tenant to let you in. Talk to Karen Schenzy and go back to the bridge area. Your final area of interest is Arefu - West residence. Once inside, check bodies of two people. It appears they are Lucy's parents (screen). You can find how they were killed if you spent a lot of points building up medicine skill. Notice a bloody sign on the wall and go back to Evan King. Tell him the bad news concerning Lucy's parents and you'll find out that their son Ian is also missing. You will have to put your efforts into finding him.

Finding the Family - Megaton: Blood ties - Side quests - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Finding the Family:

During your conversation with Evan King you'll find out about three locations which are considered to be potential hideouts of the Family. You can ignore two of them, because you won't find anything of interest there. Proceed directly to Northwest Seneca Station. Use the stairs to get to the subway. Explore the surrounding area and you'll meet a friendly ghoul who goes by the name of Murphy. Proceed to the side room. Watch out for radiation and approach the manhole quickly, so you won't expose yourself too much. The manhole will allow you to get to Meresti - service tunnel. You can also get to the tunnels if you find Meresti trainyard, however you would have to spend more time exploring Capitol Wasteland.

You will find yourself standing inside a subway tunnel - Megaton: Blood ties - Side quests - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You will find yourself standing inside a subway tunnel. There's a single mirelurker in the area and you must kill it before moving on. You must be extremely careful while going through the tunnels, because there are A LOT of traps in the area. You can disarm all of them or only a few of them, depending on your explosives skill. Watch out for landmines and for the ropes (screen). They are tied to grenades or other obstacles. There are also a few bear traps, so make sure that you don't step on one of them. The most dangerous trap is a small cart which will explode when you get near it. You must be heading north-west until you find a small passageway between the carriages.

You will get to a small checkpoint after a short while - Megaton: Blood ties - Side quests - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You will get to a small checkpoint after a short while. Talk to Robert. If you're persuasive enough, you may convince him to let you through. You can also bribe him (100 bottle caps), show him the letter from Lucy or kill him. If you decide to eliminate him, you would have to use a terminal to unlock entrance to a nearby subway station. You should also know that if you've chosen Cannibal perk he will notice you as one of his own and you won't even have to tell him why you're here. Either way, proceed to a door leading to Meresti subway station.

Finding Ian:

The person you need to talk to is Vance. He considers him to be a leader of this group of "vampires". You can exchange knowledge with him and find out more about his organization. Sooner or later you're going to have to ask him about Ian (the missing boy from Arefu). You'll find out that Ian has agreed to joined the Family and he's the one responsible for the death of this parents. Obviously if you have nothing against killing members of the Family you may start shooting at Vance and his colleagues before you even get to Ian. This will also solve the problem of other inhabitants of Arefu.

I would recommend that you resolve this problem peacefully and you can do this by requesting an audience with Ian. You can show Vance a letter from Lucy (screen). Thankfully, even if he doesn't agree to your proposal, you can find a workaround to this situation. You can obtain access to Ian's room from other members of the Family - Holly, Karl, Justin or Brianna. In each case you must use certain skills or perks to prevail, however I'm sure that you'll eventually succeed in obtaining the password.

Proceed to an area where Ian is currently standing - Megaton: Blood ties - Side quests - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Proceed to an area where Ian is currently standing. Use the password to open his room and try talking to him. You can convince Ian to stay with the Family or you can persuade him to return to his friends in Arefu. This can be done by winning a speech challenge or by showing him a letter from Lucy (screen). Either way, you must go back to Vance to inform him about Ian's final decision.

Resolving the problem with attacks on Arefu citizens:

This is also a good moment to resolve the problem with attacks on Arefu. Vance can be persuaded to stop these attack quite easily, however you can also propose that he signs a treaty with the villagers. You can use speech, medicine or intelligence to back up your proposal. Vance will agree to protect the villagers in exchange for shipments of fresh blood. He will also give you a very unique item - a schematic for a shishkebab.

Vance will also ask you to deliver his proposal to the citizens of Arefu - Megaton: Blood ties - Side quests - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Vance will also ask you to deliver his proposal to the citizens of Arefu. Obviously this means you'll have to return to the surface. Once you're there, open your personal map and fast travel to Arefu. Talk to Evan King and tell him about Vance's proposal (screen). Evan should agree to his terms and this means you must head back to the lair. Tell Vance the good news and he'll reward you with a very interesting perk, called Hematophage. What this perk does is that it heals your character by 20 points each time you've consumed a blood pack (normally it would only regenerate 1 point of your health).

1 - Megaton: Blood ties - Side quests - Fallout 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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