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Fallout 76 Guide

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Crafting in Fallout 76 Fallout 76 Guide, Walkthrough

In Fallout 76 crafting is extremely important. Thanks to this option, you can upgrade your equipment and create new armament, ammo or medicament (Stimpaks for example). Moreover, you can cook meals and boil water at the cooking station to protect yourself against diseases. This page contains information about crafting - you'll learn about all types of workbenches and stations, find out how to create new objects or how to get items for crafting.

What are the types of crafting stations in the game?

You will find various types of crafting tables in the game. - Crafting in Fallout 76 - Gameplay basics - Fallout 76 Guide
You will find various types of crafting tables in the game.

You can create a crafting table in the C.A.M.P. system or use any of the already existing ones you've discovered. The easiest way to find them is to visit a town e.g. Flatwoods. The table below contains all types of crafting stations.

Crafting station's name


Armor Workbench

Creating, upgrading and repairing an armor.

Weapons Workbench

Creating, upgrading and repairing a weapon.

Chemistry Station

Creating medicaments (e.g. Stimpaks, Rad-X), ammo for energy weapons, gunpowder.

Cooking Station)

Processing the food (cooking meat, boiling water) and preparing dishes.

Tinker's Station

Creating ammo and explosives.

Power Armor Station

Upgrading and repairing a Power Armor.

How to craft new items?

To create more advanced items, youll need recipes. - Crafting in Fallout 76 - Gameplay basics - Fallout 76 Guide
To create more advanced items, you'll need recipes.

To create a new item just use one of the crafting tables. You'll see a list of available items to craft - if you already have all the required materials, you'll be able to create an item with a single click. However, to create more advanced items you must get a recipe first and then read it from the inventory menu. That way, you'll learn how to create a new object - now you can see it on the list of things available for crafting. Recipes can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. They can be found - you'll discover various recipes in many places.
  2. Buy them from merchants - robots sometimes have a few recipes in their supply.
  3. Buy them from other players - one recipe can be read just once. A second recipe of the same type becomes useless, however, it can be sold to another player.
  4. You can get them as a reward - you'll often be rewarded with a recipe for completing a mission or taking part in events.

To create some items you'll need specific Intelligence Perks. For example, the Makeshift Warrior allows you to create better melee weapons, and Gunsmith perk to craft gun weapons. If any of the items require a perk, you'll see such information when you'll be trying to create one.

How to get crafting materials?

All of the collected junk can be used as crafting materials. - Crafting in Fallout 76 - Gameplay basics - Fallout 76 Guide
All of the collected junk can be used as crafting materials.

The materials for crafting are scattered around the world. Most of the items you'll gather can be disassembled at the crafting table - if an object is made of steel, plastic, and glue, you'll get a few pieces of this materials. You can use them later to create new items. So it's worth collecting a lot of junk to process them for materials.

Looking for wood? Check "How to get wood?" in our guide.

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