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Fallout 76 Guide

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Hacking in Fallout 76 Fallout 76 Guide, Walkthrough

Hacking in Fallout 76 is as useful as lockpicking. By breaking through the security of a given terminal, you will gain access to a safe or doors locked by it - and that in most cases will lead you to valuable items. This is why it is worth knowing what are the security levels and how one can hack terminals.

What security levels are there?

It is worth to invest in at least the basic hacking perk. - Hacking in Fallout 76 - Gameplay basics - Fallout 76 Guide
It is worth to invest in at least the basic hacking perk.

Similarly to locks, the security levels of terminals range from 0 to 3. Terminals with a security level of 0 can be broken into without any perks, but higher level security ones require you to have unlocked appropriate perks, such as:

  1. Security level 1 - Hacker perk
  2. Security level 2 -Expert Hacker perk
  3. Security level 3 -Master Hacker perk

The mentioned perks are part of the Perception SPECIAL attribute - if you want to unlock them and specialize in hacking, you need to focus on developing that attribute.

How to hack terminals?

Hacking requires some thinking. - Hacking in Fallout 76 - Gameplay basics - Fallout 76 Guide
Hacking requires some thinking.

After initiating hacking (by activating a secured terminal), you will see a collection of random signs and words. To open the terminal you need to highlight and press the specific word that is the password of the terminal. How to find it? If you happen to hit the password, the security will be broken, but in most cases you will see an information about the compatibility of the selected word with the password.

For instance - if the password of the terminal is "JUTA" and you press the word "JAGA", you will see an information that the compatibility equals to 2. This is because the letters "J" and "A" are in the same positions of those both words. The position of the letter is most important - even if you select a word which letters are the same as in the password, but are located in different positions, you will still see an information with 0 compatibility. Thanks to compatibility you can eliminate wrong words and, after several tries, find the password.

Looking for pairs of brackets - () or {} - is also useful. If the matching pair is highlighted, click on it to remove the incorrect word from the list and reset the amount of available hacking attempts. The amount of hacking attempts equals 4 - if you exceed it, the password will be changed and you will need to wait 10 seconds before another try.

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