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Fallout 76 Guide

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How does PvP mode work in Fallout 76? Fallout 76 Guide, Walkthrough

PvP mode is an integral part of most online games. It is no different in the case of Fallout 76 - during the travel around the world you can meet players who will not necessarily show willingness to cooperate and instead prefer to kill you. So it is worth to find out what it looks like in practice. This page answers the question - how does PvP mode (player vs. Player mode) work in Fallout 76?

When I can be attacked by other player?

The PvP becomes available after your character reaches level 5. - How does PvP mode work in Fallout 76? - FAQ - Fallout 76 Guide
The PvP becomes available after your character reaches level 5.

Until you reach level 5, you're completely safe - attacks from other players won't inflict any damage on you. However, if you reach level 5, you can be attacked anytime, anywhere. No worries, but it's not that terrible - the damage dealt to other players is greatly reduced until both players hurt each other.

It is worth remembering that if a player belongs to a team, his enemies automatically become enemies of the whole team. To find out more about the teams, please visit the "How to join a team?? section in our game guide.

What happens when I kill someone?

Players become enemies to each other only if they deal damage to each other. Then your opponent is marked with a red dot on the compass. If you kill your enemy, you will not face any consequences.

It looks worse if you kill a player who has not reflected the attack. Then you will be wanted and become an enemy for all players on the server.

What is the pacifist mode?

If you're completely uninterested in PvP gameplay, it's a good idea to activate pacifist mode in the game. This is a mode where your attacks will not inflict any damage on other players, and the damage dealt to you will be greatly reduced.

To activate pacifist mode, start the main game menu, then go to "Settings" and then select the "Game" tab. Here you can turn on and off the pacifist mode freely.

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