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Fallout 76 Guide

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Multiplayer mode in Fallout 76 Fallout 76 Guide, Walkthrough

Although Fallout 76 can be completed alone without the help of other players, the game still requires constant Internet connection. This is caused by the presence of other players on your map.

How many players can be on a map?

In Fallout 76 you play on a map with about 30 other players. However, the gameplay won't force you to cooperate with others. Each of the players can complete quests, explore and fight with monsters alone. An outcome of an encounter with another player depends on their character. One player can try to kill you in order to get experience and your items. Others can try to cooperate with you, e.g. help you in quests, trade items or cards. A player who decides to attack another player is automatically marked on the map as a criminal. Thanks to that you can quickly assess other's plans or even execute them.

Protection of new players

Players who didn't reach level 5 can explore the map without the fear of being attacked by other players. The goal of this system is to protect newcomers and to avoid discouraging them from playing the game. A player with a level lower than 5 can't be killed by others which means that they won't lose their equipment. This solution can help players to try various interactions without any serious consequences.

You can explore the world, collect resources and kill monsters with other players - Multiplayer mode in Fallout 76 - Multiplayer - Fallout 76 Guide

Cooperation with other players

You can explore the world, collect resources and kill monsters with other players. However, the main quests may require you to complete them alone, without the help of other players. The game will feature a lot of activities focusing on cooperation such as hunting, gathering resources and rebuilding the world.

The game will also feature global events available to all players logged into a server. After accepting an event you are transported to the starting location along with other players. These events offer you a chance to develop your character and to meet other players - some of them may be worth your trust and prove helpful in rebuilding the world.

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