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Fallout 76 Game Guide

Fallout 76 Game Guide

How to survive the Apocalypse? The Fallout 76 Game Guide is a complete walkthrough with many starting tips. We described all side and main tasks, character development (SPECIAL and Perks), multiplayer mode and weapons. A full map and advice on how to set a base should be very useful.

The guide for Fallout 76 is aimed at all players who plan on playing this game. The starting tips will be useful to both beginners and advanced players. Besides advice and tips, our guide also consists of a full walkthrough which includes descriptions of main and side quests as well as minor activities.

Check this guide to find information about the character progression system - our tips may help you in making decisions both at the beginning of the game and in its later parts. The page dedicated to character creation process will help everyone who has just started playing the game.

Just like in the previous games from the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76 features numerous main and side quests - each one of them has dedicated description. Each of the solutions for a given quest will be described, provided that a given quest has multiple endings/solutions. The same goes for the puzzles.

Our guide for Fallout 76 also contains detailed descriptions of all available game modes. Thanks to our advice you will know what must be done in order to start a given mode and how does it look like. We will also post information that should help you get experience and win a given mode. Pages dedicated to weapons and crafting are also part of this guide.

We have also included the map for Fallout 76. Check that chapter to learn about the terrain, weather conditions and gameplay elements available to a particular part of the world.

We will add pages dedicated to the system requirements, controls and the configuration. Fallout 76 will be more demanding hardware-wise than Fallout 4. We will inform you what should be done in order to make the game run smoothly and look good at the same time. Another page worth checking out is dedicated to the controls.

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Fallout 76 in a nutshell

Fallout 76 is a spin-off and it offers both single and multiplayer modes. The single player mode focuses on the story of your character who decides to leave their Vault after 25 years. The game is set in West Virginia. You get a chance to play as one of the characters who survived the apocalypse. Your goal is to explore the lands in search of places that would allow the humanity to start all over again.

The game was developed by Bethesda Games Studios with the help of Bethesda Austin.

Fallout 76 will be released on PC Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November, 14th 2018.

Starting the game

Fallout 76 allows players to create their own characters. Besides the appearance, you will also be able to choose abilities from the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system and pick perks. More details on the character progression system on the dedicated page.

Even though you can meet other players, even during the starting quests, none of them will be able to hurt you. The developers assure that all players can't be harmed by others up to level 5. This means that players with lower levels won't get killed by other players - you won't lose your gear and experience points.

Starting tips

Fallout 76's map is four times bigger than the map offered by Fallout 4. We will prepare a list of tips on how to survive in this new world. Those hints will be aimed mostly at novice players who has just started playing Fallout 76, e.g. description of various game modes or other aspects of the game. Our main focus is the beginning of the game - what must be done in order to survive, what is the best way to earn money and caps, where to find better weapons and armor etc.

Multiplayer mode

Fallout 76 requires constant Internet connection. This is caused by the fact that a player's world will be inhabited by about 30 other players. Despite the map's size, the developers opted for less players per map. The reason for that is because they wanted each encounter to be more like an event. You can get a player's equipment by killing them. However, this will make you a criminal. According to the developers, these acts won't be good for you because other players will try to get revenge.

Players under level 5 will be protected. This means that they won't be able to get killed by other players.

Character progression

Character progression in Fallout 76 is based on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system know from other games in this franchise. However, because to the multiplayer mode, the character progression system has been modified a little bit. After reaching a new level you get a point that you can spend on an attribute. The next step is to select a perk card. Each of the cards will provide your character with positive effects - the number of stars on a card indicate strength of a given perk. These cards can be traded with other players.

World map

Fallout 76 takes place in West Virginia. The folklore of these lands is full of legendary creatures - this allowed the developers to create various monsters. We can expect to face creatures like Grafton, Flatwoods or Snallygaster.

The map of Fallout 76 will be four times bigger than the one in Fallout 4. The terrain will consist mainly of deserts. However, you can also expect to explore ruined towns - one of the sources of materials and quests. The entire map is divided into 6 regions differing in topographic and monsters' levels. Players will also explore swamps, wastelands and floodplains. These terrains should have a lot of abandoned farms, mills and factories. Another place that can be explored is an abandoned space station.


Fallout 76 takes place 25 years after the Great War. Each of the players controls a vault dweller whose goal is to rebuild the world. The gameplay is focused on collecting resources, hunting and building new constructions. However, all of these activities will be interrupted by Scorchbeasts. These creatures emerge from the ground through holes. Closing those passages will be one of the activities.

Besides that, all players will be able to complete main and side quests. These missions can be received from robots or they can be activated by reading a note - every human character in the game is another player.

The game will also feature global events available to all players logged into a server. After accepting an event you are transported to the starting location along with other players. These events offer you a chance to develop your character and to meet other players - some of them may be worth your trust and prove helpful in rebuilding the world.


The last chapter in this guide will describe the technical aspects of the game. Here, you can learn about the system requirements. We will also describe each of the graphics options that require more power - thanks to that you will know which settings must be lowered in order to make the game run smooth and look good at the same time. Besides that, you can also check the game's controls.

Coming Soon Fallout 76 Game Guide

This is upcoming Game Guide and Walkthrough for Fallout 76 Video Game.

We are working on it now. We want to publish this Game Guide close to Fallout 76 Release Date.

Fallout 76 Video Game

Fallout 76
  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Bethesda Softworks
  • publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

Fallout 76 is a spin-off of the popular postapocalyptic RPG series, and an online multiplayer survival game with role-playing elements. Like Fallout 3 and 4, it was developed by Bethesda Game Studios (also known for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) and developing team of Bethesda Austin.

Once again, you play as a dweller of a Vault—one of many fallout shelter, which saved the remains of humanity during the nuclear Great War, which began and ended in 2077. The story begins in the eponymous Vault 76, located near Washington, in the area once known as the state of West Virginia.

The place doesn't differ much from other such shelters built by Vault-Tec, but its inhabitants carry out the original plan of the corporation—rebuilding the U.S. 25 years after the disaster, starting on the long-awaited Reclamation Day. The players take on the roles of pioneers, who traverse the wastelands, looking for places for humanity to settle in once again.

Fallout 76 is a sandbox game, fully focused on multiplayer gameplay with constant internet connection. It meant that many of the characters you encounter are controlled by other players (although you can't see hundreds of them on screen at once). While you can walk the wastelands alone, you can sometimes stumble upon i.e. a hostile player, who wants to rob you. However, not everyone wants you dead and a random encounter can also be a start of a long-lived cooperation.

The in-game world is four timer larger than the one in Fallout 4. It was divided into six varied regions, featuring distinct styles and quest types. The wastelands can also change in a dynamic way—there are many underground nuclear weapon silos hidden in West Virginia, and when you get your hands on launching codes, you can send a nuke to any place on the map of your choice to change it drastically and find rare resources.

The resources can be used in outpost building. The C.A.M.P. Tool resembles the system of creating and developing outposts from Fallout 4. However, it's not restricted only to certain spots on the map, as you can take your “toolbox” anywhere and build whatever you want. But a good outpost can lure monsters, bandits and other undesirable guests.

Like in the previous Fallout games, you can create your character and develop them using the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system. However, due to the online aspect of the game, Fallout 76 does not feature the tactical targeting system known as V.A.T.S.

Fallout 76 utilizes the upgraded version of the Fallout 4 engine. The upgrades include e.g. the dynamic weather system and new rendering, lighting, and terrain modules. According to the developers, the visuals are sixteen times more detailed than in the previous games of the franchise.

Initially, Fallout 76 was supposed to be a DLC for Fallout 4. However, it became so expansive that the developing team decided to turn it into a standalone game.

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Fallout 76 is not making it to Steam, Bethesda said in an official statement. Valve's platform will be replaced by the developer's own launcher. This applies both to the BETA, and the full game.

Fallout 76 features no paid DLCs, Bethesda confirms

There are no paid downloadable content and no paid DLCs making their way to Fallout 76, Bethesda said. But the same can't be said about microtransactions.

Fallout 76 BETA launches in October

Fallout 76 beta launch has been officially set to October, Bethesda confirmed. But while the early version of the game is heading to all platforms, some will test it out sooner than others.

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Jason Schreier put a damper on the hopes of many fans when he described Fallout 76 as an online survival game – now he emphasizes that it's still a Fallout that we know.

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