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Fall Guys Guide

Table of Contents

Fall Guys: Main types of games Fall Guys guide, tips

On this page of the Fall Guys guide you will find a summary of all the main games along with detailed tips on how to win each of them. You'll find out, among others, proven techniques for overtaking and beating other players, and certain tricks that can make winning easier.

Gate Crash

1 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race in which your job is to avoid a door that alternately rises and falls.
  2. Track the door while still away from it to get acquainted with the sequence and to choose the pathway in advance which will be available after the hero reaches the gate. Some side passages open less frequently and, for safety reasons, it is better to ignore them.
  3. The final part of the race involves a downhill run on slippery ground. Again, in advance, try to select the door that will come down in the final moments of the slide. You have to make a jump and ideally combine it with a dive - if you miss that step, the hero will fall into the abyss and you'll return to the last checkpoint.

Door Dash

2 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race in which only certain doors can be punched and opened to unlock the path further.
  2. You can try to knock the door down by performing a dive. Usually, 1, 2, or 3 pairs of doors in a given row are real, and the rest cannot be knocked over. Unfortunately, this cannot be assessed visually before coming into contact with the door.
  3. It's a good idea to run in the middle of the group and let other players check the doors. After you notice that the passageway has been unlocked, turn towards it and jump over a small obstacle to avoid tripping and wasting valuable time.

Fruit Chute

3 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race where you have to avoid colliding with fruit by turning in the opposite direction.
  2. It is another mini-game in which observing the situation from a distance is rewarded. Try to predict the flight path of the bouncing giant fruit, with the possibility that they may change the direction of travel, for example, after colliding with other players. A good idea is to climb on the edge of the arena.

Fall Ball

4 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Team game that is just a variation of football.
  2. One of the most important features of this mini-game is that there are always two balls in the arena and each can be used to score goals. Later in the game, the balls may change their shape to resemble those of American football.
  3. The team should split into at least two groups in order to be able to fight for control of each ball at the same time. Completely ignoring the ball can make it very easy for the opposing team to score a goal. If there are more players in the team, it would also be good for one of them to play as the goalkeeper.
  4. Use a jump combined with a dive to hit the ball. However, take care not to do this at the last minute, i.e. just before contact with the ball. Otherwise, the impact on the ball will be small. The ball can also be pushed, although this is less effective and can more easily be stopped by the opposing team.


5 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. It's one of the Final games. It involves jumping on collapsing pressure plates shaped as the titular hexagons.
  2. Each plate falls off after a short while, causing the hero to fall down by at least one level. The damage can be greater if the floor elements are also missing at the lower level. Fortunately, the board has a lot of floors, although of course any drop to a lower level will bring you closer to losing.
  3. There are two main ways to stay in the game - running around the plates or making individual jumps on nearby plates. Running is a better idea if other players are at the same level and you want to cut their path. Single jumps are a better idea if you are alone or with at most one other player at a given level.
  4. You can also rely on jumping + dives - they can save you if you have to jump to a pressure plate two fields away. But remember to get off the ground quickly. If you fall in a recumbent position, then the lower level of the floor may also collapse before you get back on your feet.

Dizzy Heights

6 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race where you have to, among others, deal with rotating obstacles.
  2. For the most part of the race, you have to jump on platforms that rotate in one of two possible directions. Try to avoid staying on the same platform too long.
  3. One unique hazard involves avoiding large balls during a small climb - hide behind covers to do so. You can also run slalom.
  4. Keep an eye on the spot in the image above - after running up the Blue ramp, make a jump (preferably combined with diving), because there is a small gap that is easy to miss.

See Saw

7 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race in which balancing/swinging plays a major role.
  2. Each of the balance beams can tilt sideways. Avoid jumping onto heavily tilted platforms, as the hero will almost certainly slide off them and be undone.
  3. When alone, try to aim for the middle part of each balance beam. When with other players, try to jump on the opposite end of where other players jump so that it doesn't over-tilt.
  4. It can happen that your progress is blocked by a heavily tilted balance beam - an example of this situation shows the picture. You can wait for other players to change their location or back away and choose an alternate path.

Egg Scramble

8 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Team game in which players acquire eggs and move them to their team's nests. There are 3 teams on the playing field and the one that has the least eggs at the end of the game will lose.
  2. At the beginning of the game, start taking eggs from the center of the playing field. Depending on how quickly you move them (you grab them by pressing R2) you should be able to get 2 or 3 eggs this way.
  3. From that point on, you have a choice about how to approach. The first option is to steal eggs from the nests of other teams. Choose those slots where there's less commotion so you don't collide with other characters. After catching an egg, you have to make two jumps (from a greater distance) to jump out of the nest.
  4. The second option is to protect your own nest. Use the Grab option (R2) on those players from opposing teams who want to steal eggs from your team's nest. If you're playing with friends, it's worth deciding upon your roles before the game starts.

Block Party

9 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Survival game. It involves avoiding moving obstacles and staying on the starting platform.
  2. Try to stay a short distance from the upper area of the platform, but don't stay too close to it so you don't accidentally fall. Staying at the top of the platform will give you more time to potentially get off the ground after hitting an obstacle.
  3. The initial walls are very easily avoided. The problems start with the blocks connected by planks - you have to jump over them. Try not to trip as some walls travel in series and you can be easily pushed off.
  4. At the end of the game you have to defend in less space. Just focus on making flawless moves. The players, thankfully, rarely bother each other in this game.

Slime Climb

10 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race that involves climbing combined with avoiding obstacles.
  2. A unique feature of this mode is the titular slime - if you fall off the route, it is possible that you will be eliminated immediately. As a result, it is very advisable to play more cautiously and stop for a while before more complicated obstacles in order to plan perfectly to overcome them.
  3. Keep an eye out especially in places with retractable side blocks. They can easily lead to a fall as a result of being pushed off a platform or loss of stable ground. In any such place, wait for the perfect moment to run through.
  4. At the very end, watch out for swinging big balls - don't collide with any of them.

Fall Mountain

11 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. It's one of the Final games. It involves climbing to the top of a mountain and capturing the crown.
  2. In this game only 1 player can win, so you have to play the entire initial part of the race without making even the small mistakes. Don't collide with falling objects and don't get stopped by any of the passing rotating gates.
  3. In order to win the game, you must jump to the levitating crown after it has lowered sufficiently. Wait until the crown is slightly lower, but don't wait too long to be overtaken by another player. Make a jump and additionally launch a dive in flight (press Square). You win if you touch the crown first. Fortunately, it doesn't need to be caught, so you don't need to press R2.

Tail Tag / Team Tail Tag

12 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. It comes in two varieties - as a Survival game and as a Team game. Players must rip off their tails and try to stay with them for the rest of the round. In a solo game, finishing a game without a tail is an elimination. In a team game, the team with the least number of tails loses.
  2. You can start the game with the tail already, or it may be necessary to take it from another player. The tail is picked up by grabbing another player's tail, i.e. pressing R2. Don't try to run after players with tails in a straight line, just look for opportunities to surprise them when they are being chased by others, when they fall over or when they run towards you. Note - in the case of team matches, do not take the tail off the players of your team, as your team will not gain points in this way.
  3. If you already have a tail then stay away from players without tails and run away when they approach you. You can try to hide from players without tails, or at least make it difficult for other players to see your character. A particularly good spot is the one from the picture - if you can get past the fast-moving beater, you can stop in the middle of the arena. You should be safe here longer. Quickly run away as soon as any of the players without a tail successfully avoids the trap.

Rock ' N ' Roll

13 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Team game in which each team's job is to push a big ball into the goal. 3 teams participate in the playoffs, and in order to avoid elimination, the team has to place the ball in the goal first or second.
  2. Don't try to grab the ball, just push it with the analog stick tilted towards it. In the first part of the arena you have to avoid obstacles, so line up on the sides to turn the ball left or right.
  3. The second part of the mini-game is pushing the ball down the ramp towards the goal. Players from different teams can harass each other here. If your team is good at pushing, consider disturbing other teams by positioning themselves on the opposite side of the ball they are pushing.

The Whirlygig

14 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race where you have to avoid the traps and obstacles associated mainly with working propellers.
  2. In the first part of the race, focus on jumping over rotating obstacles. A little further ahead you have to jump on a little yellow block and make a second jump out of it. The action can be difficult to perform if there are a lot of other players around. Remember that you can help yourself by diving.
  3. Avoid further moving items. The most important area in the picture above is where you have to choose your path. Going straight ahead is the riskiest, as fast-moving blades can easily drop you off. It's a lottery because you can land on one of the shelves or fall into the abyss. Choosing one of the side passages is less aggressive, but safer.
  4. At the very end, you have to make a jump and skip a large spade. Stay on the previous platform and jump over the moving piece while standing still. Wait for the spade to move enough to allow the jump to take place.

Tip Toe

15 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race in which you have to overcome a maze of falling floor pieces.
  2. Even though it's a race, you shouldn't rush to the finish line. Allow other players to find the safe path symbolized by yellow colour. Stay a short distance from them. Perform a sprint to the finish line when you're sure you won't find any false plates along the way.
  3. If you fall then you go back to the beginning of the maze and qualifying for the next round can be very difficult with other players close to the finish line. Moreover, the discovered path fades again after some time. It's worth trying to remember it when you're crossing the maze.

Roll Out

16 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Survival game. You have to stay on large rotating rings that contain holes and various obstacles.
  2. The most important thing is that you can't stay on the same ring all the time. They rotate around the central axis and as a result, after some time you can fall off. Try to stay at the upper part of the playing field all the time by traveling between neighboring rings.
  3. Watch out for three main types of threats. Major obstacles (e.g. walls) may force you to move to the adjacent ring, otherwise, they will start pushing you. Small obstacles can be avoided. Gaps in rings can result in you falling into the abyss, although you can jump over them, for example, if you want to stay on the same ring longer.

Hoopsie Daisy

17 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Team game in which you have to dive through the emerging rings. Each successful jump through the ring is 1 point. At the end of the game, the team that collected the least points is eliminated.
  2. Focus on reaching the rings that are close to you. You will almost certainly not make it to the more distant ones, as after another player makes a throw through the ring, it will disappear from the arena. It is worth staying in the same area as much as possible, as there will be other rings in the area.
  3. The rings above must be reached by climbing. They can help you earn points, as many players continue to hunt low-hanging rings. However, try to make a perfect dive so as not to waste the time you have spent climbing.

Hit Parade

18 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Race through an obstacle course consisting of a variety of traps and objects that slow down player's progress.
  2. Right after the start of the race you can run across the narrow bars. Don't worry if you fall down, because you won't be restored to the starting point, and you'll just waste a little bit of time getting back up.
  3. In the next section, choose a left or right area with rotating pieces that are best pushed by running alongside other players. You have to wait for the gate to open so you can move on to the next area.
  4. Keep an eye out in an area with big balls hanging from ropes. Watch the balls closely and turn the camera sideways to run when it's safe. If you get hit, you end up in a side area and lose time. The last part of the race is simple - it's a slime climb, during which you avoid moving elements by running sideways.


19 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Team game in which players can infect each other with hearts. The team that has all its members infected loses the game.
  2. In the first phase of the mini-game stay away from players with hearts - those who can infect. Unfortunately, the arena doesn't have many places to hide, but you can stop at mobile objects to make it difficult for infected players to touch your hero.
  3. After you get infected, focus on catching players, but only those on the opposing team. Same as with Tail Tag games, don't run after "healthy" players in a straight line, just search for those who are running from someone else and who can be approached more quickly.

Perfect Match

20 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Logic game where you have to memorize fruit icons and place yourself on the plates that are shown on the screens. Any number of players can be eliminated in this game.
  2. The level of difficulty gradually increases. Initially, only two different fruits will appear, but with each subsequent attempt, there are more. When the countdown is over, check the fruit from the big screen and quickly stop in the right field.
  3. If you can't remember the fruit, then quickly go after a larger group of players. Chances are, most players have managed to memorize the plate correctly and will stop on the right one.


21 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Team game in which teams try to keep as many big balls as possible in their part of the arena. The one of the 3 teams that has the least balls at the end of the game is eliminated.
  2. The best idea is to split the team into two groups. The first team should be concerned with obtaining balls from the areas of other teams, while the second team should be concerned with maintaining balls in the area of their own team. Traditionally, it would be good to play with friends so you can communicate and call the rest of the team for help if needed.
  3. The arena contains numerous hills - on the one hand, they make it easier to protect one's own ball, while on the other they make it difficult to push other balls into the other part of the arena. You can try to push the ball with a circling motion so you don't risk the situation that trying to push the ball up a hill will end in failure.

Jump Club

22 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. A Survival game. During Jump Club, jump over a rotating beam and avoid being pushed out of the arena.
  2. Once the struggle begins, focus on avoiding the green beam, as by default only it can push the hero off. You can collide with larger purple beams during jumping.
  3. A good idea is to follow the green beam, which is to run around. This will reduce the number of situations in which you will have to jump over the green beam, thus reducing the chance of making some mistake and colliding with the green and/or purple beam.

Royal Fumble

23 - Fall Guys: Main types of games - Basics - Fall Guys Guide
  1. It's one of the Final games. It involves surviving the round as the only player with a tail.
  2. The general idea of this game is very similar to Tail Tag and Team Tail Tag mini-games. In the case of Royal Fumble, only one player is allowed to have a tail, meaning that everyone else is hunting for it.
  3. When hunting a player with a tail, remember to plan ahead where he will run, rather than running in a straight line behind him. When running with your tail, don't stop, swerve at the sight of other players and look for opportunities to jump onto adjacent shelves in the hope of losing the chase.
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