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Fable II: See the Future Game Guide by

Fable II: See the Future Game Guide

Table of Contents

Side missions - The Colosseum | Side missions Fable II: See the Future Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

1 - Side missions - The Colosseum - Side missions - Fable II: See the Future - Game Guide and Walkthrough
To begin this mission #1, you have to use the Colosseum Model that you received from Murgo - Side missions - The Colosseum - Side missions - Fable II: See the Future - Game Guide and Walkthrough

To begin this mission #1, you have to use the Colosseum Model that you received from Murgo. The Colosseum's structure resembled the Crucible. There are minor differences - Your task is to survive the oncoming waves of enemies #2, with a time limit of five minutes. There is also an additional handicap, as you cannot use potions or any other items after the battle begins. If you are knocked to the ground, you will lose the multiplier.


To increase the multiplier, you have to hit the shining spheres, which will appear on the arena from time to time. You will be informed about it with a notice at lower part of the screen. Of course you have to use different weapons, depending on the colour. Melee for blue spheres, long range weapons for yellow and magic for red ones.

The tactic

Because of the heavy handicaps and no potions, surviving in the arena is quite hard. Having some Resurrection Phials is highly recommended, thanks to them you don't lose your multiplier in case of falling to the ground. As for the fighting itself, using three spells is enough to get to the necromancer. Here's the tactic (the numbers in brackets represent the spell's level):

Use Raise Dead (3-4) and afterwards, Time Control (3-4). Your minions will allow you to use Inferno/Shock (5) without having to worry about the enemies hitting you. Repeat this, spawning more minions once they disappear and using Time Control all the time, so that you can get more out of the basic 5 minutes. You can also use your ranged weapon from time to time, to kill the enemies that ran away from you.


15000 points - Ultimate Prize;

10000 points - First Prize;

5000 points - Second Prize;

2500 points - Third Prize.

After exceeding each amount, you receive prizes - starting from the lowest level to the one that you reached. It's different every time, apart from the highest prize, which is a legendary weapon - Royal Sceptre. If you have already obtained every item, the reward will be gold, in the amount of points gained.


Prize: Mystic Juice, Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye, "AAA" Teddy Trophy.

You can gain three teddies in the Colosseum, thanks to which you will receive one of the dyes.

Wizard Teddy

It's very easy to get. After entering the Colosseum, head to the telescope on the right side of the arena. Look in the direction in which the device is pointed. On one of the statues - the one above the door with candlesticks beside - you will see a teddy bear. Shoot it. You will find two numbers on him: one and nine.

King Teddy

This teddy is behind a locked door, opposite to the entrance. In order to open it, you must use Inferno to light up every candle nearby. The bear will have two letters as well - eight and five.

Captain Teddy

The hardest one to get. Your task is to score an exact amount of points during the arena fight. This amount is 1985, which you can get by combining the numbers found on the previous two teddies. The hood thing is that you can save your game at any moment during the fight. Try to avoid multipliers and attack enemies one at a time. Time Control is very useful here. After reaching the required amount of points, the teddy will appear where the telescope was. After collecting him, you will receive some more prizes.

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